Gifts for the Teachers in Your Life

teacher-appreciation-week-RARTeacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10 this year. We at Red Apple Reading know the difference a good teacher can make in the life of a child. Hopefully, as parents we all show appreciation for our kids’ teachers throughout the school year, but this week gives us the opportunity to thank them in an extra special way. Teaching is one of the hardest and most important jobs in our society. Since they work so hard for our little ones, let’s think about how we can show teachers some much deserved gratitude!

The Literacy Challenge Facing Boys

A Crisis of Confidence to Succeed – The Literacy Challenge Facing Boys

The Literacy Challenge Facing BoysGuest Post by Michael Gurian

Literacy matters. Reading, writing, and speaking intersect with everything in life: character development, emotional intelligence, and physical fitness. Reading is essential for successful brain development in children, and stories help build character and emotional development. There are few career areas in which literacy skills—reading, writing, critical thinking, articulation of positions in words, and even anecdotal storytelling—are not essential for success. The Boy Scouts of America’s mission to help boys be “Prepared. For Life.®” is directly correlated with the need for literacy in America and precisely why the BSA incorporates literacy skills into so much of its program.

When Your Kid Doesn't Want to Go to School | Red Apple Reading Express

When Your Kid Doesn’t Want to Go to School

When Your Kid Doesn't Want to Go to School | Red Apple Reading ExpressIt is the rare child that wakes up every morning excited to attend school. Most of us have heard our kids say at one time or another, “I don’t want to go to school today!” Some infrequent, short-lived dislike of the school experience is normal, but what do you do when your child is suddenly and consistently upset about going to school? A few simple interventions could help you send your kid off with a smile on his face.


Supporting Comprehension – Reading Essentials #21

supporting-comprehension-RARIn this final installment of our series detailing the 5 fundamental reading skills, we’ll be looking closely at comprehension—the ability to not only read words, but understand their individual meanings and their meanings within the context of a sentence and story. Reading comprehension is, perhaps, the pinnacle of all reading skills. After all, what’s the point of being able to read words if you don’t understand them, right?

Why Reading Fiction is Good for Kids | Red Apple Reading Express

Why Reading Fiction is Good for Kids

Why Reading Fiction is Good for Kids | Red Apple Reading ExpressWe can all remember the fun we had as kids pretending to live in another reality. I spent hours “teaching” imaginary students and playing with my stuffed animals. One day my mom was cleaning my room and put all my stuffed toys in the toy box. I was appalled! Didn’t she know they couldn’t breathe in there? Needless to say, I had a pretty active imagination. It’s good for our kids to have a healthy escape from reality as well. Fiction is the perfect opportunity for our children to take a little reality vacation!