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Park Planet - Level B - Ages 4-7

76 online lessons, perfect for young readers just beginning to put sounds together to read words. Over 300 activities and 30 hours of instruction on short vowel sounds, word families, 100 sight words, digraphs, blends, long vowel sounds, and a review of letter sounds in the ABC Tree. CLICK HERE for Park Planet lesson details.

Island Adventures - Level C - Ages 6-9

Another 75 lessons with more advanced phonics skills, 200 more sight words, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and over 375 activities and 35 hours of instruction. CLICK HERE for Island Adventures lesson details.

Carnival Fun - Level A - Ages 3-5 - coming Jan 2015!

Carnival Fun will have a more open-ended game format better suited for preschoolers, with activities focused on phonemic awareness, rhyming, vocabulary, letter and letter-sound correspondence, and other necessary pre-reading skills.


Also Included:

• Lesson reviews, unit reviews, and diagnostic assessments make it easy to track progress and growth.
• Dashboard provides access to more FREE resources, including downloadable workbooks, flash cards, and games.
• Detailed progress reports emailed or accessed from the Dashboard.
• FREE access to any members-only apps that are available (currently there are 5).
• Level A is FREE to Complete Package members who purchase before its release.


Program Benefits

• Access to lessons anytime, anywhere, from an internet-connected desktop or laptop computer.
• Fast and easy - use immediately with no software to install!
• Animated video lessons, activities, games and rewards are fun and motivating.
• Great for English learners, students identified as "at-risk," struggling readers, and accelerated learners.
• Students work at their own pace and revisit lessons for extra practice.
• Supplemental instruction and practice for public and private schools, charter schools, daycare, and homeschooling.
• Printable reports with optional email alerts when lessons are completed.


Why Red Apple Reading Works

• Research based practices are aligned to Common Core State Standards.
• Each new skill builds on the last, presenting a logical learning sequence that encourages rapid progress.
• Integrates National Reading Panel's recommended 5 essential components of reading instruction.
• Structured lesson format begins with animated instructional videos, followed by meaningful activities for practice that are engaging and fun, and ends with a review and quiz.
• Intelligent Question Logic differentiates the practice questions for each child, changing the difficulty of the questions as the child plays.