5 Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Read

5 Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Read - Red Apple ReadingAll parents want their children to experience success in life. Achieving literacy is crucial to our kids’ future well-being. As parents we play a crucial role in our children’s successful reading development. What can we do to help our beginning readers achieve success? Fortunately, you don’t have to be a reading specialist to help your little one become a champion reader. Red Apple Reading has 5 simple tips for parents who wish to nurture their little one’s literary development.

  1. Relax! –Children can sense when their parents are stressed. Remember not all kids learn to walk and talk at the same time and they certainly don’t learn to read on the exact same schedule. So take a deep breath and remind yourself that your kiddo will one day be reading independently.
  2. Set the Example – One of the best ways to cultivate a love of reading in our children is by setting a good example. Kids who see their parents reading on a regular basis are more likely to value the written word themselves. If you want your child to be a reader, make sure you are reading too!
  3. Have Fun – If you want to discourage your kiddo as he learns to read, do your best imitation of a drill sergeant! Reading should be fun and happen naturally as you go about your day. While quizzing your kids can be beneficial at times, make sure the majority of reading practice is done in a fun way. See below.
  4. Play with Sound – Before children can learn to read, they have to learn that spoken words are made up of individual units of sound. So playing with sound is an important part of helping your child become a reader. Getting your kid to break down a word into its different sounds and playing with rhyming words are both great ways to help your child become a reader.
  5. Read to Them – Reading regularly to your child encourages her to become an independent reader. In an article for Reading is Fundamental, Bernice Cullinan and Brod Bagert say that, “When the rhythm and melody of language become a part of a child’s life, learning to read will be as natural as learning to walk and talk”. So think of reading to your kiddo as a win-win: they are learning and you are getting some cuddle time!

It doesn’t take a degree in education to qualify parents to be reading teachers. With a little intentionality we can raise budding readers who will one day blossom into independent readers. If you want to give your kid an extra boost, check out Red Apple Reading’s online reading videos and games. Your child will love playing the fun reading games and you will love the extra help your little one gets learning to read!

Outdoor Spring Break Fun!!

Outdoor Spring Break Fun!It’s that time of year again. The time when the sunshine lasts longer, the temperature rises (hopefully!) and the kids want to get outside and play. It’s also time for spring break for many schools across the country. You don’t have to go away on an expensive vacation to have a memorable spring vacation this year. In fact, you can enjoy a fun spring break with your little ones without even leaving your own backyard! Red Apple Reading has 7 simple suggestions for some spring break outdoor fun!

  1. Gardening – What kid doesn’t enjoy playing in the dirt? Get out your shovel and spade and do some spring gardening with your kiddo over the break. No need to be an avid gardener to pull off this fun activity! Planting a few pots of pretty marigolds will thrill your child and add some color to your yard. Visit your local greenhouse with your little one and plan your spring garden!
  2. Egg Hunt – Easter is the first Sunday of April this year; but who says egg hunting is only for Easter day? Let your little ones practice their hiding and hunting skills over the break with a week-long egg hunt. Try different variations of the classic egg hunt throughout the week. Check out these Exercise Eggs from No time for Flashcards!
  3. Sand Play – If you can’t make it to the beach over spring vacation, then bring the beach to you (the sand part at least!). Make a sand tray for your kids to play in over the break. This project is simple to put together and will keep your kiddos entertained all week. All you need is a long, shallow, plastic container, a bag of sand, and toys to play with in the sand – easy cheesy!
  4. Picnic – Make this spring break special with daily family picnics. Choose a meal each day to enjoy outside in the sunshine. Think outside the box – breakfast can be just as much fun outside as lunch! So grab your blanket and the kids and head outside for lunch, breakfast or supper!
  5. Block Party – If your kids are out of school for the week, chances are your neighbor’s children are too. Take advantage of the break and arrange for a neighborhood block party one day. Have everyone bring a dish to contribute to the party, get out the lawn chairs and enjoy each other’s food and company. The kids can play games afterwards while the adults chat (or join the games!).
  6. Bubble Blowout – Bubbles are fun for all ages. Spring break is the perfect time to break out the soapy solution and spend the day blowing bubbles. If you’re looking for some new ways to have fun with bubbles, look no further – What Do We Do All Day has compiled a list of 10 bubble activities for kids that are sure to please!
  7. Feed the Birds – Get in touch with nature over spring break and construct a bird house with the kiddos! Need a little inspiration? Check out Home and Garden’s 6 Crafts for the Birds and Squirrels. If you’re not feeling particularly crafty, then simply purchase a bird feeder. Your kids will still enjoy watching the feathered friends visit their new home!

Enjoy the sunshine with your children over spring break. You don’t have to have a lot of money to have a lot of fun – simply look out your window for a little inspiration. How does your family have fun outside? Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite outdoor activities.

Jackpot! St. Patrick’s Day Roundup of Literacy Activities

Jackpot! St. Patrick's Day Roundup of Literacy Activities - Red Apple Reading


March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. What’s there to do after putting on your green garb? Don’t get all dressed up without anything to do! Spend the day with the literacy leprechaun and enjoy these fun activities with your kids!


  • Leprechaun Word Family Pots – Help your little one practice her word families with this fun, pot of gold  activity from Playdough to Plato. A few pieces of construction paper are all you will need to construct the word family pots and pieces of gold to match with. Check it out!
  • Rainbow Sensory Writing – If you have a kinesthetic learner, this hands-on activity will be a hit with your kiddo! Barley mixed with food coloring makes a great rainbow sensory center for your little leprechaun to explore with his paintbrush. Visit Fun-A-Day for complete instructions.
  • Shamrock Name Fishing Game – Go fishing for shamrocks this St. Patrick’s Day with B Inspired Mama’s fun literacy activity. Your child will enjoy matching letters to her name and you will enjoy watching her master her ABC’s!
  • Sight Word Gold Hunt – Learning sight words becomes an adventure when they are written on gold coins! Little ones can keep the treasure they find if they can read the sight word on the coin! If not, the coin goes back in the bucket for further practice. Check out this great game at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas!
  • St. Patrick’s Day BookmarksThese cute bookmarks will inspire your kiddo to pick up a good book! Get crafty this St. Patrick’s Day with shades of green paint chips from your local paint store. Add some shamrock stickers and rainbow ribbon and presto! – You’ve created a bookmark any leprechaun would be proud to own! Find on Teaching My Friends.
  • 27 St. Patrick’s Day Books – Looking for some good St. Patrick Day reads? Honey Mommy has compiled a list of 27 St. Patrick Day books your kid is sure to love. So cuddle up on the couch and spend the day curled up with your kiddo and some good books!
  • St. Patrick’s Day Find and Rhyme Treasure Hunt – All you need is a black Sharpie and foam shamrocks to make this game for your gang! No Time for Flashcards has created a simple treasure hunt for little ones. After they find all the shamrocks, your children will sort them into rhyming pairs. You can’t beat that for quick and easy fun!
  • 10 Picture Books About Rainbows – What really is at the end of a rainbow? Perhaps it’s a collection of books! Check out these 10 picture books all about rainbows today at The Jenny Evolution.

Red Apple Reading wishes you and your family a very happy St. Patrick’s Day! Let us know which of these literacy activities were your favorite – leave us a comment below!

Inspirational Resources for Girls

Inspirational Resources for GirlsIt is the responsibility of parents and educators alike to supply girls with resources for developing strong, intelligent, and compassionate characters. Because March is Women’s History Month, it is the perfect time to encourage the young ladies we know to lead meaningful lives that make a difference. In honor of this celebration of Women’s history, Red Apple Reading  is sharing some of our favorite inspirational resources for girls.

  1. Amelia Earhart Group Mosaic Project – Looking for something crafty to do with a group of kids during Women’s History Month? This fun project found on Teachers Pay Teachers might be exactly what you are searching for! Each child gets a piece of the mosaic to color according to instruction. Finally, when all the pieces of the mosaic are put together, Amelia Earhart’s image is revealed!
  2. Her-Stories in History Virtual Quilt – A unique approach to learning about famous females who changed history -this virtual quilt is made up of 31 pictures of important historical women. Simply click on the picture of the person you want to learn about and get a brief bio of her life and achievements!
  3. A Mighty Girl – This wonderful website is chock full of toys, books, movies, and clothing that inspire girls to be intelligent, strong, and brave. Visit A Mighty Girl today and peruse all the amazing resources available for your mighty girl!
  4. Our Story – If you’re searching for stories and activities to do together for Women’s History Month, then check out Our Story. Your family will learn about all kinds of events in American history. Check out these exciting resources about the women’s suffrage movement!
  5. Bio.com – This website is a fantastic resource for girls who wish to learn more about inspiring women . Simply type in the name of the person you are interested in and watch a short video and read a synopsis about her life. Check out this one about Ruby Bridges!
  6. Goldie Blox Construction Sets – Only 14% of engineers in the world are women. The Goldie Blox toy company is seeking to change that statistic by creating fun building sets with accompanying stories that help girls improve their spatial skills while simultaneously utilizing their strong verbal skills. Take a look at the different construction sets that are available for your little engineer!
  7. Books About Women Who Changed History – No Time for Flashcards has compiled a list of 12 picture books about women who made a difference in their world. Check out these inspiring reads today – they will encourage the girls in your life to dream big!
  8. Girl Scouts – In March of 1912 Juliette Gordon Low held the very first Girl Scout meeting. Girl Scouts has been empowering girls ever since. The mission of the scouts is to build “girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place”. For more information on Girl Scouts, visit their website today.

We hope you will take advantage of these excellent resources this month. Leave us a comment below telling us which is your favorite!

Celebrate Read Across America With Dr. Seuss!

Read Across AmericaRead Across America Day is right around the corner and observed every year on Dr. Seuss’ birthday –  Monday, March 2nd! Red Apple Reading wants to help your family prepare to celebrate this special occasion! Check out our list of fun Seuss-themed activities that will inspire your kiddos to read, read, read!

  • Dr. Seuss Book Marathon – This is the perfect day to binge read all of the Dr. Seuss books you can get your hands on. What better way is there to honor the great author than by enjoying his extensive collection of books? So head to the library, bookstore, or your own personal bookshelf and dig into all the Seuss books you can find!
  • Get Crafty – Do your little ones enjoy crafting? If so, you are in luck! There is no end of Seuss-themed crafts out there for the creating. Check out these 12 adorable Dr. Seuss crafts from the folks at Blissfully Domestic. You’ll find crafts inspired by The Lorax, Fox in Socks, The Cat in the Hat, and more!
  • Snack – No day is complete without at least one snack break. Surprise your child with a Seuss snack on March 2nd! Do you like green eggs and ham? Dish some up for your kiddo and find out if she does! The Happy Home Fairy also has some great snack ideas for your Seuss-themed day. Check them out here!
  • Learn About the Man – Hopefully, your children are already familiar with Dr. Seuss classics such as Hop on Pop, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and Oh, The Places You’ll Go. But do they know about the man behind the stories? Theodor Seuss Geisel was a very interesting character himself and your kids will enjoy reading more about him. Visit catinthehat.org to learn more about this author.
  • Dr. Seuss Digital Book Apps – If you have tech-savvy kids who would rather interact with electronics than read a book, never fear! Ocean House Media has several Dr. Seuss digital book apps that your children can enjoy. These interactive book apps will entertain and educate!
  • Buy a New Book – Read Across America day only comes around once a year. Why not treat your child to a new book in honor of the special occasion? Take a trip to your local bookstore and let him pick a book to buy. Or surprise him with a book you know he’s been wanting to read. While you’re at, get a book for yourself!

We at Red Apple Reading hope you’ll take advantage of fun Dr. Seuss-inspired activities to be enjoyed in the coming week! For more information about Read Across America or more activity ideas, visit www.seussville.com.