Reading Routines to Start at Home Now

They may not like to admit it, but children thrive on routine. When structure is built into a child’s day, it helps him know what to expect and thus experience a measure of security. Along with the typical daily routine of eating meals, dressing, and bathing, parents should also incorporate time for reading. Red Apple Reading suggests starting the following reading routines at home today.

10 Tips to Promote Literacy at Home

Did you know that September is National Literacy Month? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines literacy as, “the ability to read and write”. The definition may be simple, but the effects of being literate are huge! To a great extent, a person’s literacy determines how successful they will be as well as how easily they are able to navigate the details of everyday life. As parents we want our children to experience this type of success. How can we promote literacy in our homes? Red Apple Reading has some tips for how you can help nurture the growth of literacy in your little one!

Help Your Kiddo Become a Super Reader!

The time of year that football fans look forward to the entire season is here – Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you’re a Seahawk’s fan or a Bronco’s fan, (or you just like watching the commercials!) we can all appreciate the hard work and talent it takes for the competitors to achieve this goal. At Red Apple Reading our dream is for children to be “Super Readers“. Like the two teams competing in the Super Bowl, it takes hard work, dedication, and lots of support to reach this goal. Red Apple Reading has five suggestions on how you can help your child achieve Super Reader status!

When Your Kid Doesn't Want to Go to School | Red Apple Reading Express

When Your Kid Doesn’t Want to Go to School

It is the rare child that wakes up every morning excited to attend school. Most of us have heard our kids say at one time or another, “I don’t want to go to school today!” Some infrequent, short-lived dislike of the school experience is normal, but what do you do when your child is suddenly and consistently upset about going to school? A few simple interventions could help you send your kid off with a smile on his face.

Establishing Reading Routines at Home

Establishing Reading Routines at Home – Reading Essentials Series #3

I can remember when my daughters were little; my favorite time of the evening was story time. Their hair would smell freshly washed and they’d have their jammies on. They’d each pick a favorite picture book from the shelf, or we might be in the middle of a chapter book from the Magic Tree House series, and we’d crowd together on the bed and snuggle in to read before bedtime. Even now, when I say goodnight to my 16-year-old, I know she goes to bed and reads on her eReader before the lights go out.
Many experts suggest that you establish a reading routine with your child early on.