Make Learning Fun at Home!

Everyone wants their kids to experience success in life. An important part of parenting is making sure that our little ones develop the skills necessary to be fully literate. You don’t have to have a teaching degree in order to help your kiddo learn. In fact, the primary way that young children learn is through play! Check out these ideas on how you can make learning fun at home

Help Your Child Avoid the Summer Slump

Ready or not, another summer season is upon us! For months children have dreamed of an extended break from the structured school schedule. While summer is a wonderful time to decompress, parents need to be mindful of the phenomenon that has become known as the summer slump. The result of not receiving enough educational stimulation over the summer months, the slump often leads to a loss of previously acquired education. What can parents do to avoid this reversal of learning? Red Apple Reading has some tips to help your child beat the summer slump!

Inspirational Resources for Girls

It is the responsibility of parents and educators alike to supply girls with resources for developing strong, intelligent, and compassionate characters. Because March is Women’s History Month, it is the perfect time to encourage the young ladies we know to lead meaningful lives that make a difference. In honor of this celebration of Women’s history, Red Apple Reading is sharing some of our favorite inspirational resources for girls.

Advanced Leaners - Rdg Essentials #24 - Red Apple Reading Express

Advanced Learners – Reading Essentials #23

Advanced Leaners - Rdg Essentials #24 - Red Apple Reading ExpressIs your child the brightest of the bunch? Most all moms and dads think their kids are the shining stars of the class, and why shouldn’t they? In reality, though, some youngsters truly do learn at a more advanced pace, and while this can be a huge advantage for them, it’s not without its unique challenges.

Children with Reading Difficulties - Red Apple Reading Express

Children with Reading Difficulties – Reading Essentials #22

Children with Reading Difficulties - Red Apple Reading ExpressOne of the most challenging conversations that parents and teachers can have involves the possibility that a child might have a reading or learning disability (RD/LD).  Parents might notice at home that a child struggles with reading, or with particular aspects of reading—phonics, for example. Or, a teacher might discover during an assessment that a child is reading at a lower level than expected. When a child is having difficulty learning, parents are understandably concerned and want to know exactly what is impairing their child’s learning. It’s important to understand, though, that the root causes of reading difficulties can be incredibly diverse, and they are not always related to learning disabilities!