The opportunities for learning languages are almost limitless today (check out useful resources about language and translation at the Wordpoint blog). When it comes to learning a language, there’s perhaps no better way than by reading books in the language you learn. For adults it can be challenging to perceive a huge text filled with complex words. Children, however, do not need to read a lot to learn a language because children learn quickly, and dual-language books for children are designed specifically for learning.

Here are ten awesome dual-language books for children that adults will find interesting and useful too.

The Art of Memory / El Arte del Recordar

This dual English-Spanish book is a great read for Spanish beginner learners as it presents ten short stories in two languages. Kids will find this book very engaging as each story is the recollection of each author’s childhood memories paired with colorful illustrations.

A Treasury of Japanese Folktales

Another great collection for beginner learners by Yuri Yasuda and Yumi Mastunari. Twelve Japanese stories presented side-by-side in original and English languages are not only great for early reading, but also provide an insight into Japanese culture and are accompanied by wonderful illustrations.


A longer and a bit more challenging read by Arthur Dorros that materializes the author’s imagination in a flight above New York City along with his Spanish-speaking grandma. Blending bilingualism with humor and a heartwarming story, the book will be enjoyable to read for Spanish learners and all children.

Rani and the Wicked Witch

An ancient Romani folktale interpreted by Raymond Gressieux and first translated to Russian is a great read for many language learners as it is available in Bulgarian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, and Romanian duets with English. Designed specifically for bilingual kids, the book contains an engaging adventurous story and beautiful illustrations by Valentin Kovalenko that truly stand out.

This Next New Year

A wonderful Korean-English paired read by Janet Wong tells a story about a boy looking forward to meeting the Lunar New Year. This is not only a brightly illustrated bilingual book great for younger and adult Korean learners, but also a great read to learn about Korean culture and traditions.

Book Fiesta!

There’s no greater book than the one about reading. This bilingual Spanish-English read by Pat Mora is great for both children and adults for its great sense of humor, devotion to reading, and outstanding illustrations. The book signifies the establishment and first celebration of the day initiated by author Pat Mora as one of many suggestions to celebrate Children’s Day.

Waiting for the Biblioburro

Another exciting English-Spanish duet by Monica Brown and Adriana Dominguez – a fantastic read that underlines the importance of reading. The story of a Colombian traveler bringing books to children in rural villages for the sake of literacy is not only a warm-hearted story but also an exciting adventure that will be engaging for both children and adults.

Aliens Love Underpants

This French-English duet by Claire Freedman is really something else. With its energetic sense of humor, the book will leave you not only with some knowledge of French words but also with some great laughs.

Little Red Riding Hood

A classic European tale, also in French and English, is another great duet for both kids and adults. Re-experience the old story in two languages and enjoy wonderful illustrations by Marjorie Dumortier.

Octavia and the Cats of Rome

Finally, a wonderful Italian-English dual-language book by Claudia Cerulli will tell you an insightful story about a cat named Octavia who lives in the ancient monuments of Rome. Follow her on adventures through the corners of Rome and explore the city in its native language.

The list of children’s books you can use to learn a second language isn’t limited to these ten. In fact, you can even make a dual-language book yourself! There are a number of resources online to help you with that. Visit Pickwriters to find out which translators are the best and how can they help you translate a book.

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