Ten Tips For Promoting Literacy Among Boys - RAR

Ten Tips for Promoting Literacy Among Boys

Ten Tips For Promoting Literacy Among Boys - RARGuest Post by Michael Gurian

Whether your son is a reluctant reader or already loves reading, try these literacy boosters anywhere, anytime.

  1. Start Early in Life. Read to your son 30 minutes a day while he is in the womb, and when he is an infant and a toddler. When he is able to read, have him read aloud to you. The more words he hears and reads, the better for his brain.
  2. Make Daily Activities into Reading Activities. Have your son read billboards aloud as you drive to school each day. Have him read game instructions or the back of the DVD case aloud on family night.
The Literacy Challenge Facing Boys

A Crisis of Confidence to Succeed – The Literacy Challenge Facing Boys

The Literacy Challenge Facing BoysGuest Post by Michael Gurian

Literacy matters. Reading, writing, and speaking intersect with everything in life: character development, emotional intelligence, and physical fitness. Reading is essential for successful brain development in children, and stories help build character and emotional development. There are few career areas in which literacy skills—reading, writing, critical thinking, articulation of positions in words, and even anecdotal storytelling—are not essential for success. The Boy Scouts of America’s mission to help boys be “Prepared. For Life.®” is directly correlated with the need for literacy in America and precisely why the BSA incorporates literacy skills into so much of its program.