Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten? Red Apple Reading ExpressHow do you know if your child is ready to handle the rigors of the elementary school world? As a mother of four children I’ve learned a few things along the way. Peruse this checklist of items to see what you can be working on with your little one before the first day of the school year.

By Jennifer Campbell, ago

We’re Learning to Read Again!

We're Learning to Read Again!Katie brought home a decodable book from Kindergarten yesterday, and she read the whole entire thing by herself. I was ecstatic! Yes, most of the words were the same, and some of the “words” were actually pictures, but do not think for a moment that this small detail stifled any of my excitement or the pride I felt welling up inside me! I was beaming, and more importantly, so was she!

By Melissa Maypole, ago

Literacy Activities: Preschool to Kindergarten – Reading Essentials #9

Literacy Activities: Preschool to KindergartenMost parents of preschoolers and kindergarteners have starting thinking about how they can help their children get ready to read. Hopefully by the time your child is 3 or 4 years old, he has had plenty of exposure to books, nursery rhymes, songs, and the letters of the alphabet. Take a look at my last post, Literacy Activities: Toddler to Preschool, if your child has not yet had these experiences.

As your child becomes more comfortable with the sounds that letters make, you can begin to help her connect the letter-sounds into words....

By Tammy Bennecke, ago

Starting Kindergarten Katie-Style

Starting Kindergarten Katie-StyleIf you've been keeping up with this blog, you know that my little girl started Kindergarten last week. It has been quite an adventure for the whole family. Based on my experiences so far (and yes—I know they are limited), I thought I’d offer some tips and insight for those of you who have preschoolers.

By Melissa Maypole, ago

Kindergarten—What Teachers Expect and What You Can Expect

Kindergarten - What to ExpectAs the big day approaches, I’m feeling more and more nervous about my little one going to Kindergarten in the fall. I must be doing a fairly good job of hiding it though, because unlike me, Miss Katie is counting down the days. She can’t wait to meet her teacher, make new friends, and “play with the toys!” In my heart, I know she’ll be fine, but my head keeps reminding me of all the things that could go wrong.

You’ve probably been there too—we all want our kids to thrive, no matter where they are in life. Whether your little one is entering Kindergarten this year or next, knowing what will be expected of her, and also knowing what you can expect as a parent can help ease your fears.

By Melissa Maypole, ago
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