10 Tips to Promote Literacy at Home

Did you know that September is National Literacy Month? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines literacy as, “the ability to read and write”. The definition may be simple, but the effects of being literate are huge! To a great extent, a person’s literacy determines how successful they will be as well as how easily they are able to navigate the details of everyday life. As parents we want our children to experience this type of success. How can we promote literacy in our homes? Red Apple Reading has some tips for how you can help nurture the growth of literacy in your little one!

Make Learning Fun at Home!

Everyone wants their kids to experience success in life. An important part of parenting is making sure that our little ones develop the skills necessary to be fully literate. You don’t have to have a teaching degree in order to help your kiddo learn. In fact, the primary way that young children learn is through play! Check out these ideas on how you can make learning fun at home

Tips to Support Young Readers at Home

While our family celebrations may have looked a little different last weekend, many of us like to reflect on our blessings this time of year. Here at Red Apple Reading, we are especially grateful for the many resources available to support children’s literacy. After all, the ability to read and write has a direct effect on our kiddos’ future success. Did you know one of the most important resources available to your child is you – their parent? You don’t have to be a teacher in order to meaningfully contribute to your child’s literary development. All it takes is a little time and effort. As our gift to you, we have some tips to help you get started!

Prepare for Summer! | Red Apple Reading

Prepare for Summer!

The summer season is quickly approaching, and for many of us that means our children will be home from school. While most people probably don’t think about making a summer plan (after all, the summer season is about taking a break from our normal routine), you don’t want to get to the third day of summer vacation with a kiddo complaining of boredom and not be prepared. Red Apple Reading has a 5 item list that will ensure you and your kiddos are ready for a successful summer season.

Creating the Perfect Reading Nook - Red Apple Reading

Creating The Perfect Reading Nook

We all know how nice it is to have a space of our own – even if it is a small corner of a room. Kids need quiet time alone just like us adults. It’s important for children to have a space where they can reflect, daydream, rest, and of course, read! Perhaps you would like to create a special place for your little one, but don’t know where to begin. Look no further – Red Apple Reading has 4 sure-fire characteristics of a perfect reading nook for your child!

10 Quick Tips for Reading at Home

10 Quick Tips for Reading Time at Home

Hopefully your child’s school invests plenty of time and energy into classroom reading. Since the ability to read impacts a student’s future success in other subjects, reading should be a major emphasis (especially in the elementary school years) in the classroom. A focus on reading should not end with the school day though. It’s our responsibility as parents to encourage and assist reading at home as well. With this in mind, Red Apple Reading has 10 quick tips to help parents facilitate reading time at home.