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The summer season is quickly approaching, and for many of us that means our children will be home from school. While most people probably don’t think about making a summer plan (after all, the summer season is about taking a break from our normal routine), you don’t want to get to the third day of summer vacation with a kiddo complaining of boredom and not be prepared. Red Apple Reading has a 5 item list that will ensure you and your kiddos are ready for a successful summer season.


1.  Summer Bucket List –Take a little time before your break begins to pencil in some plans. Sit down with your children and make a summer bucket list of fun things they would like to do over the summer. Once or twice a week choose something from the agenda to accomplish. Not only will you have a go-to list of activities, but you will also be assured that your kids will enjoy them since they helped to compile the list!

2.  Unplug – Left to themselves many children will choose to sit in front of the television or computer all day. Designate at least two to three hours of each day as electronic-free time. The kids might complain at first but they will find something to do. Very often kids don’t realize they like doing something because they’ve never given it a chance. A few quiet hours may lead to the discovery that constructing Lego buildings, cooking, and drawing are all fun past times!

3.  Go Outside – You may not have planned a beach trip, but you can still enjoy the sunshine this summer! Get outside and get moving. Go on a weekly picnic, ride bikes, feed the ducks, or anything else that gets the kids off the couch. Don’t let your children spend the entire break cooped up indoors. They need the exercise and the sunshine. Remember to apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water – you don’t want your outdoor fun to take an ugly turn!

4.  Schedule One-on-One Time – If you have multiple children, you may go two or three days and suddenly realize you haven’t spent any alone time with a particular child. While summers can be hectic, usually kids will have some extra time since many schools are closed for two to three months. Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule one-on-one time with each child throughout the break. This doesn’t have to be life-changing – a trip to get ice cream or visit the mall can lead to some great discussions that otherwise might not happen. Instead of spending evenings doing homework, spend some quality time with your child – it’s a plan that everyone can get on board with!

5.  Read – A break from school doesn’t mean a break from reading! Kids need to read regularly throughout the summer months in order to retain the reading progress they gained during the school year. Keep a basket of books or children’s magazines out for the kids to peruse when they get bored or need some quiet time. Also be sure to visit your local public library regularly throughout the summer so your kiddos can get new books. Check out this Ultimate Guide to Summer Reading (What Do We Do All Day?) for some ideas for cool reads!

We would love to hear how you prepare for the summer season. Leave a comment below and share your best tips.

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