15 Best Pinterest Boards for Homeschooling

Halfway through summer many homeschool families are enjoying a much needed break. Before you realize it though, school will be back in session! While you may not be ready to break out the curriculum just yet, it’s never too early to get some ideas for the upcoming year. Red Apple Reading would like to help you get started with these 15 fantastic Pinterest boards for homeschooling resources!

By Jennifer Campbell, ago

Tackling a Troubling Report Card

Tackling a Troubling Report  Card - Red Apple Reading ExpressThe issuing of the first report card of the school year is a time of celebrating children’s achievements in many households. However, the first report card of the year may also produce anxiety in some parents. Perhaps your child is not progressing academically like you had hoped; or maybe your child’s teacher has expressed a concern about your little one. What can parents do to help a child who has received a troubling report card? Red Apple reading has 10 suggestions for concerned parents.

By Jennifer Campbell, ago

School-Age Reading Expectations – Reading Essentials #24

School-Age Reading Expectations - Red Apple Reading ExpressSummer is a great time to take an honest look at your child's reading progress in school and determine if an intervention is needed before the new school year begins. Here's the last of the Reading Essentials Series.....

As your child is learning to read, you may begin to have concerns about whether or not he or she is progressing at a normal rate. This is completely normal. After all, you’ve been comparing developmental notes with other parents since your child was rolling over and beginning to crawl, right?

By Tammy Bennecke, ago
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