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Year-Round Schooling

As the majority of us are in the midst of our children’s summer vacation, there are a small but growing number of students attending school. Most of us have heard of the term Year-Round Education or YRE. YRE is when school systems adopt an academic calendar that has children attend school the usual number of days but with more frequent and shorter breaks. Thus, eliminating the traditional two to three month summer vacation. Whether or not you are a fan of the year-round model, it is helpful to be familiar with this system since it is gradually gaining momentum in our country.

School and Extracurricular: How to Juggle It All

School and Extracurricular: How to Juggle it All

My oldest daughter Kelsey started marching band this year, and she has loved every minute of it—well, almost. If you’re a band parent or if you were in the band yourself, then you know that the typical season starts out with summer band camp—a grueling two-week process in which you attempt to learn the entire show for the season, under the blistering sun no less.

Reading Outside of School: How Much is Enough?

Reading Outside of School: How Much Is Enough?

We all know that the biggest readers are often the biggest achievers, so a daily regimen of reading is a must. Many parents wonder how much their children should be reading outside of school, however. While there’s no definitive answer to that question, there are some guidelines you can follow to ensure that your child is getting her daily dose of literature.

3 Smart Organizational Strategies for Busy Parents

3 Smart Organizational Strategies for Busy Parents

Busy parents often need a helping hand when it comes to supporting their kids during the school year. But then again, I’ve yet to see a parent who isn’t busy! If you’re among the many frazzled moms or dads trying to juggle work, kids, social events, school events, extracurricular, and the like, then there’s a good chance you could use some tips to keep it all organized.