Spring into Creativity

Spring into Creativity - Red Apple ReadingWho doesn’t love the arrival of spring? The weather warms up, the flowers begin to bloom, and the days last a little longer. The advent of spring marks a newness of life; and the changes taking place outdoors seem to spark something inside of us as well. We’re inspired to try something different or make something new. In honor of the arrival of spring this year, why not take a little time to nurture your kid’s creativity?

Spring into the Garden
Something about spring makes you want to get your hands in the dirt! You don’t have to undertake a big garden to satisfy your desire to grow something. You don’t even have to have a green thumb! Try starting a small succulent garden with your child. Succulents are hardy plants with thick leaves for retaining moisture. Since Easter is this weekend, try placing them in these dyed eggshell planters (see Emily Takes Photos).

Spring into the Kitchen
The kitchen seems to be the natural gathering place in my family. Often one of the kids will come in and share a little something about his day while I prepare supper or play just outside the room to be close. Why not invite your kiddo into the kitchen for a little spring time fun? Kids will love these cute flower pretzel bites and parents will love how easy they are to put together. Thanks Two Sisters Crafting for this delicious spring sweet treat idea!

Spring into Poetry
Get your child’s creative juices flowing with a little spring poetry practice. Acrostics are a great introduction to poetry. They also inspire creative thinking in children. Download this template from The Happy Teacher so your kids can produce their own tribute to spring. Let the creative writing begin!

Spring into Art
Pay homage to spring with this fun dandelion thumbprint masterpiece from Glued to my Crafts.  All you’ll need to make this beauty is cardstock and a little paint. You won’t believe how pretty the outcome is when this simple project is complete!

Spring into Reading
There’s no better way to inspire creativity in children than by providing them with good books to read. Fortunately, there are plenty of terrific titles out there for your child to peruse! Check out these spring themed books from Hen Family if you need some suggestions!

We hope you and your family are enjoying the onset of spring. It really is a great time of the year! Leave us a message below and let us know what you do to inspire creativity in your crew. Happy spring from Red Apple Reading!

April and May Showers Bring Indoor Wow-ers

What’s there to do while waiting for nicer weather to come? While some people think there’s not much to do when it’s raining or cold outside, there are actually countless fun activities families can do together to make the most of any stormy day. Here are five favorites:

  • Camp in the Great Indoorscamping indoors pic
    Who ever said camping has to be outside only? Set up a tent indoors, light your fireplace, hang string lights for stars, and roast marshmallows over the fire. Children will love the different pace of this exciting indoor adventure. Take a hike around your house, point out wild animals (your pets!), and fall asleep in your tent under the twinkling stars.


  • BakeApril baking pic
    One of my personal favorite things to do when it’s raining outside is to bake cookies and cakes. It’s cold outside, but it’s nice and toasty inside with the warm oven on. Have your children help you bake cookies or other treats, then unleash their creativity with food coloring, cookie cutters, and sprinkles!


  • Create CraftsApril crafts pic
    One craft idea is to make a time capsule. With your child, take an airtight container (like Tupperware) and fill it with some of their favorite little things. Pack in stickers, photos, little toys, and have them write a note to their future selves! On a later sunny day, bury it in the backyard and wait 10 years to open it! For more time capsule ideas, check out this article from MyKidsTime blog.


  • Build a FortApril fort pic
    Take pillows, blankets, and clothes pins and build a big fort in front of the TV. Choose a movie that’s a family favorite, pop some popcorn, and eat snacks just like at the movie theater. Watch the movie in your fort and enjoy the show! Read about the developmental benefits of children building forts and fun fort ideas on Kinstantly.


  • Have Fun in the Rain April rain pic
    There’s nothing wrong with getting out into nature when it’s raining! Put on your best rain gear and rain boots or some warm clothes you don’t mind getting wet. Go outside to jump in puddles, sing and dance, catch rain drops in your hands, and look up at the rain falling. Then enjoy some cocoa and a warm bath or shower after. It will be a memory you and your children won’t forget!

April showers can bring more than May flowers- let those rainy days bring happiness and fun memories! Red Apple Reading wants your family to have a blast!


Earth Day Educational Ideas

Earth Day Educational IdeasThe beautiful thing about Earth Day is that you can celebrate it all year long! Whether you teach in a traditional classroom or homeschool your kids, you’ll love these different activities that allow you to instruct while using an Earth Day theme. If your little ones attend a public or private school, choose something to do when they arrive home in the afternoon. However or whenever you choose to include these activities, you and your kiddos will have a blast and learn a lot in the process!

Reading – We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a good book. Fortunately there are several great titles to choose from! Start by checking out these picks from our 2014 Earth Day Post.

Math – This fun sensory math bin from Fun-A-Day will allow your child to practice number identification, counting, and addition. The blue and green rice (just use food coloring!) is reminiscent of earth’s oceans and land masses. The only other items you need are green and blue plastic Easter eggs, marbles, and condiment cups.

Science – Kids will love this earth science project from Education.com. Children build their very own worm hotel! This cool experiment allows little ones to learn how important worms are for maintaining healthy soil. Your kiddo will love seeing how the earth worms burrow down into the dirt and mix up the layers of sand and soil.

Geography – Students research different bodies of water around the world in this investigative activity. Children will study where their body of water is located, how it has influenced the people groups alongside of it, and answer several other probing questions. Get this Water Question Worksheet for free from Discovery!

Art – It’s always good to remind our kids of ways they can reuse old materials. This art project allows students to make lovely silhouettes of animals from strips of recycled magazine pages. Visit MPM Ideas to get instructions for this fun art project today!

Recess – Why not take a nature hike when it’s time for a break? Even if you’re not able to visit a local nature trail, a stroll around your own backyard can yield fun finds. Encourage kids to keep their eyes open for bugs, flowers, leaves, and animals. Consider taking a magnifying glass and binoculars so children can have a closer look!

Earth Day lends itself perfectly to the learning portions of a school day. Don’t let it pass by without trying at least one or two of these fun educational activities.

Happy Earth Day from Red Apple Reading!


Spring Literacy Activities

Spring Literacy ActivitiesHere at Red Apple Reading we love a creative literacy activity. We believe learning should be fun and spring provides the perfect opportunity to introduce cool literacy projects! This week we’ve chosen 10 of our favorite activities from our Spring Pinterest page. We know your little ones will simply love these literacy activities!



  1. Digging for Carrots Sight Word Activity – Looking for a good way to review sight words? Look no further! This adorable sensory activity from The Imagination Tree is just what you need.
  2. The Pronoun Patch – Teacher Idea Factory has come up with a great way to practice pronouns. Check out these cute spring flowers from the Pronoun Patch!
  3. Plastic Egg Compound Word Practice – Upcycle all of those plastic Easter eggs into teaching tools for the kids. Cool idea from The Lesson Plan Diva!
  4. Rainbow Spring Adjectives – Spring is the perfect time for little ones to brush up on their adjectives. Step into Second Grade has a great idea for adding describing words to different layers of a rainbow.
  5. Contraction Kites – Kids will love learning their contractions with this fun craft from The Weekly Hive.
  6. 25 Spring Writing Prompts – Check out these spring writing prompts from The Teacher Next Door.
  7. Crack and Write Eggs – Childhood 101 has a creative solution to boring spelling word practice. Your kids will love practicing spelling words with their used plastic eggs!
  8. Free Alphabet Butterfly Puzzles – Your preschooler will enjoy this fun game where she matches uppercase letters with their lowercase counterpart. Thanks for this freebie Totschooling!
  9. Tulip Phonograms – This tulip mat from Sorting Sprinkles is a cute way to celebrate spring and play with word families!
  10. An “Egg”cellent Review – In 5th Grade with Teacher Julia has a great idea for morning journal entries. Students choose a plastic egg and find a writing prompt inside! This can also be used for reviewing math facts as well as science and history questions.

If you like these ideas be sure to check out our other Pinterest boards for more great literacy projects!

Spring Break Fun

Spring Break Fun - Red Apple ReadingCan you believe it’s already time for Spring Break? How do you plan to spend the break with your children? If you haven’t made any plans yet, check out these suggestions from your friends at Red Apple Reading!

  • Start a Garden – Visit a nursery with your little one and find something fun to plant!
  • Have a Picnic – Grab a blanket and head outside.
  • Create Sidewalk Art – Spend the morning decorating your driveway with sidewalk chalk and paint!
  • Bird Watch – Find a bird identification book and do a little birdwatching with your kiddo.
  • Have an Egg Hunt – It’s not too early to start practicing for the big Easter hunt. Check out these fun spins on hunting eggs from My List of Lists!
  • Tour a Local Business/Charity – Field trips aren’t just for school! Schedule a visit to a business or charity your child finds interesting.
  • Read Outside – Soak up some sunshine as well as some reading time.
  • Cook Together – Plan a meal with your kid and prepare it together.
  • Visit a Nursing Home – Senior citizens love to have young visitors! Plan a trip to a local nursing home or assisted living center.
  • Go to the Library – Busy school days may not be the best time for you to visit the library with your little one. Take advantage of the extra time spring break affords your family.
  • Indulge in a New Book – Treat your kiddos to a new book over spring break. Check out these fun  spring titles!

Spring Books that Share the Best of the Season from EDventures
Spring Books for Kids from Rhythms of Play
Spring Books for Kids of All Ages from Superheroes and Teacups
15 Gardening Books for Kids from Sunny Day Family

We hope these suggestions have given you a little inspiration for spring break fun with your kids. If your children aren’t already enjoying a subscription to Red Apple Reading, spring break is the perfect time to introduce them to serious learning that’s seriously fun!