What’s there to do while waiting for nicer weather to come? While some people think there’s not much to do when it’s raining or cold outside, there are actually countless fun activities families can do together to make the most of any stormy day. Here are five favorites:

  • Camp in the Great Indoorscamping indoors pic
    Who ever said camping has to be outside only? Set up a tent indoors, light your fireplace, hang string lights for stars, and roast marshmallows over the fire. Children will love the different pace of this exciting indoor adventure. Take a hike around your house, point out wild animals (your pets!), and fall asleep in your tent under the twinkling stars.


  • BakeApril baking pic
    One of my personal favorite things to do when it’s raining outside is to bake cookies and cakes. It’s cold outside, but it’s nice and toasty inside with the warm oven on. Have your children help you bake cookies or other treats, then unleash their creativity with food coloring, cookie cutters, and sprinkles!


  • Create CraftsApril crafts pic
    One craft idea is to make a time capsule. With your child, take an airtight container (like Tupperware) and fill it with some of their favorite little things. Pack in stickers, photos, little toys, and have them write a note to their future selves! On a later sunny day, bury it in the backyard and wait 10 years to open it! For more time capsule ideas, check out this article from MyKidsTime blog.


  • Build a FortApril fort pic
    Take pillows, blankets, and clothes pins and build a big fort in front of the TV. Choose a movie that’s a family favorite, pop some popcorn, and eat snacks just like at the movie theater. Watch the movie in your fort and enjoy the show! Read about the developmental benefits of children building forts and fun fort ideas on Kinstantly.


  • Have Fun in the Rain April rain pic
    There’s nothing wrong with getting out into nature when it’s raining! Put on your best rain gear and rain boots or some warm clothes you don’t mind getting wet. Go outside to jump in puddles, sing and dance, catch rain drops in your hands, and look up at the rain falling. Then enjoy some cocoa and a warm bath or shower after. It will be a memory you and your children won’t forget!

April showers can bring more than May flowers- let those rainy days bring happiness and fun memories! Red Apple Reading wants your family to have a blast!