Reasons to Visit Your Local Library This Summer

Red Apple Reading - Reasons to Visit the Library This Summer

When was the last time you visited your public library? If you already have a hefty collection of books in your own personal library, you may not see a need to make a trip to the library in your community. However, your local library may have a plethora of resources for you and your child that you are unaware of. Check out these hidden gems that are available at your local library.

Story Time
Many of us have fond memories of circling up on the carpet and listening intently as the librarian read to us while she held the book open so we could see the pictures. How did she read upside down like that? This time honored tradition is still alive and well at most libraries across the country. Check your local library’s calendar and see when your little one can participate.

Downloadable Products
Many local libraries have links on their web sites where you can check out free downloadable books. eBooks, audio books, and videos are a few of the options that are typically available through a digital library. Is your child obsessed with electronics? Why not offer him a book to read on your e-reader? Do you have a long trip coming up? How about downloading some audio books onto an MP3 player to help your youngster pass the time?

A quick perusal of your library’s calendar will reveal a variety of events offered to patrons. Homework help, craft time, creative writing classes, book clubs and movie showings are just a few examples of the extra activities that may be available to you and your little ones.

Yep, this one is a no-brainer, but it bears reminding that libraries offer access to a wide variety of reading materials. How great is it that we can visit a library on any ordinary day and borrow a book for free?! Another great perk of book borrowing is you don’t have to find a place to keep the book when you’re finished and someone else gets the opportunity to enjoy it as well.

Not many things in my life could be described as peaceful and quiet. But you know what? A visit to the library provides a little tranquility to my otherwise hectic day. An outing to the library may be the calming activity that you and your kid need.

Libraries are just plain fun! When we visit the children’s section of our local library, my son can use the cool interactive Promethean table, visit the pet turtle, and play with all of the cool blocks and games that are available. What fun “extras” does the kid’s portion of your library offer?

Is the public library an overlooked resource in your community? Today is a great day to explore the many benefits of your own local library! What do you think? We would love to hear about some of the resources/events you take advantage of at your public library.


Library Themed Books for Kids

You may not realize it, but February is Library Lovers’ Month. We can’t think of a better time to celebrate the love of libraries than in the month that is already associated with love – thanks to Valentine’s Day! If your child’s love for the library has grown a little cold as of late, we suggest picking up one of these books to help renew her affection for this beloved institution. We have a feeling your kid will love these stories about libraries!

Library Mouse (Daniel Kirk)

Sam is a mouse who lives in the library. He sleeps during the day and comes out in the evening to read the books. Sam eventually pens his own stories and becomes rather popular among the library patrons. Find out how this little mouse inspires all kids to be writers. (Preschool-4th grade)




Stella Louella’s Runaway Book (Lisa Campbell Ernst)

Stella Louella is frantic. She can’t find her library book and it’s due at 5:00. Anyone who has ever desperately searched for a library book can relate to this tale about a little girl who finally locates her missing volume (with a little help from the people in town). (Preschool-3rd grade)



Homer the Library Cat (Reeve Lindbergh)

Homer is a quiet cat who lives in a quiet house with a quiet lady. When he goes in search of his owner one day, he finds that she works in the perfect quiet place – the library! (Preschool-3rd grade)




Library Lion (Michelle Knudsen)

Miss Merriweather is a librarian who is a stickler for following the rules. However, when a lion strolls into the library one day, no one knows quite what to do – there are no rules about lions in the library! It turns out that this lion is a pretty good library patron, but what happens when helping someone requires him to a break a rule? (Preschool-3rd grade)



Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library (Barb Rosenstock)

Thomas Jefferson loved to read. In fact, he collected three major libraries in his lifetime! Children will learn all about Jefferson’s passion for books in this very interesting true story which contains several interesting facts and quotes about Jefferson’s life. (1st-5th grade)



Biblioburro (Jeanette Winter)

This heartwarming tale from Columbia about a traveling library is based on a true story. Luis has too many books in his house! He decides to share his books with others and creates a traveling library using his two burros, Alfa and Beto, for help! (1st-4th grade)



The Lonely Book (Kate Bernheimer)

Once upon a time, there was a new book that was checked out often and loved by many children. Over time, the book faded and the children were no longer as enamored with it as they once were. Will this lonely book find someone to cherish it again? This is a sweet read kids are sure to love! (Preschool – 3rd grade)



The Midnight Library (Kazuno Kohara)

Young children will love this story about a special library that is only open from midnight until dawn. The little girl librarian has three helpful owl assistants who help her serve the many needs of her animal library patrons! (Preschool-1st grade)



Librarian on the Roof! (M.G. King)

RoseAleta is determined to show the children in Lockhart, Texas that the Dr. Eugene Clark Library isn’t just for adults. In this true story kids will learn how RoseAleta raised money to add a children’s section to the library. (1st-3rd grade)




The Librarian from the Black Lagoon (Mike Thaler)

Mrs. Beamster is the school librarian but she’s known by the pupils at school as “The Laminator”.  When students are scheduled to visit the library one day, will all the horror stories about their librarian be realized? This funny book is a good reminder that we shouldn’t always believe everything we hear! (2nd-5th grade)



Don’t miss your chance this month to celebrate libraries with one of these great books!


Is the Public Library a Dying Institution?

When was the last time you or your children visited the library? Devoted patrons sing the praises of their local libraries, but others don’t really see the point of visiting any longer. In fact, with the rise of the digital age, many people are wondering if libraries are a dying establishment. We believe there are several reasons local public libraries are still a valuable resource to the public.Are Libraries a Dying Institution? Red Apple Reading blog

Red Apple Reading offers up a few reasons why visiting your local library is still a good idea!

  • It’s fun! – If you give me unlimited access to a building filled with books – that’s enough for me! However, there is so much more to experiencing a library than wandering the bookshelves (though you really should give that a try sometime!). I find that one of the best outings I can offer my younger son is a trip to the children’s section of our local library. He can use the cool interactive Promethean table, visit the pet turtle, and play with all of the cool blocks and games they have available.
  • Peace and Quiet – Parents know how challenging it can be to get work done at home. However, I can always pack up my laptop and head to the library. Not only do I have access to free WiFi, I also have access to a peaceful and relatively quiet environment.
  • Technology – It’s easy to think of libraries as antiquated buildings with dusty books, but in reality most libraries have changed with the times. Our local library has several computers available for public use. They also have a wonderful website that allows me to checkout or renew books online, download books, and view computer tutorials.
  • Public Services – Libraries also offer wonderful services to the community. Very often they present classes on government programs, personal finance, and computer seminars. They also often have weekly story time and activities for children. A quick check of the library website will show you what services are available in your town.
  • Socialization – While it is super convenient to take care of tasks from the comfort of your own home, this doesn’t allow you to interact with other people. Local libraries afford visitors the opportunity to socialize with one another. Book clubs, creative writing classes, story time, and movie viewings are just a few examples of ways libraries encourage socialization.
  • Books! – Yep, this one is a no-brainer, but it bears reminding that libraries offer access to a wide variety of reading materials. Sure, I could download any book I want onto my tablet, but it might not be free!

Perhaps, instead of heading toward extinction, libraries are merely evolving. Whatever your views are about the relevance of libraries, we think you will be touched by this heartwarming story about a secret library in Syria. You’ll be amazed at how one library has changed the lives of a war torn community.


5 Reasons School Libraries Rock!

Support Your School Library - Red Apple Reading

Many of us have fond memories of visiting our own school library as youngsters. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of taking the libraries in our schools for granted. Have you ever considered what your local school system would be like without its library? In honor of School Library Month, Red Apple Reading would like to remind our readers why school libraries are such precious gems!


  1. School Libraries Provide Opportunity – Many of us would take our children to our local public library if the school system did not provide one to its students. However, this is not the case for many children. For some kids, visiting the school library is the only opportunity they have to read books.
  2. School Libraries Afford Convenience – Let’s face it, even those of us who love books don’t make it to our public library as often as we would like. Children in most school systems have the convenience of having a library within walking distance of their classroom. You can’t beat that for easy access!
  3. School Libraries Speak to Importance – Having a whole section of school dedicated to a collection of good reading material speaks volumes to students about the importance of reading. When a school system invests in good libraries, children understand (even if only sub-consciously) that books are valuable.
  4. School Libraries Offer Inspiration – School libraries help produce creativity in children. The fun atmosphere and abundance of books from which to choose inspires kids. Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, says, “School libraries introduce kids to whole new worlds and new perspectives and are so important in broadening kids’ minds.” School libraries provide a stimulating alternative to much of what passes for “entertainment” these days.
  5. School Libraries Employ Librarians – You can’t possibly overstate the importance of a good school librarian! After all, what is a library without its librarian? School librarians cultivate relationships with their students and point them to books that will interest them. They teach children to respect and properly take care of reading material. Plus, we all remember how fun it was to go to the library and listen as the librarian read a story to us! We owe a debt of gratitude to these “keepers of books”!

If your kiddo attends a school with a library, you have good reason to be grateful! Why not pop into your child’s school sometime and thank the librarian for her hard work? While you’re there, ask how you can help support the library program. Let’s do all we can to invest in this important institution! Visit the A.A.S.L. website for more information about school library month.


Love Your Library!

Love Your Library! Red Apple Reading

Has your love for your local library grown cold? How long has it been since you’ve spent quality time together? Perhaps you used to have a serious relationship with the library, but over the years other commitments have come between the two of you. It’s never too late to renew a relationship with your local library and there’s no better time than now – Library Lovers’ Month!



When is Library Lovers’ Month?
The whole month of February is Library Lovers’ month. Although half of the month has already passed, you still have many more days to express your love, as well as the rest of the year! So while you’re remembering that special someone this Valentine’s Day, make sure to think about the libraries in your community as well. After all, libraries need love too!

What Is Library Lovers’ Month?
According to, “Library Lovers’ Month is a month-long celebration of school, public, and private libraries of all types. This is a time for everyone, especially library support groups, to recognize the value of libraries and to work to assure that the Nation’s libraries will continue to serve.” Now that’s a mission we can all get behind!

Why Should I Love Libraries?
Libraries provide a plethora of free educational resources to the community. How great is it that we can visit a library on any ordinary day and borrow a book for free?! Libraries not only provide books to the public, they usually also offer other resources such as children’s story time, tutoring, internet access, and other fun activities. Visit your local library for a calendar of upcoming library sponsored events.

How Can I Show Love to My Library?
I’m glad you asked! There are many ways that you can express your affection for this great reading institution. Get the whole family involved and have the kiddos make cards for their school and public librarians. You could also contribute books, money, or your time. Even something as simple as a smile and a “thank you” will go a long way to making your librarian’s day! For other creative ideas on how to show love to your library, visit

It’s time to rekindle a relationship with your community library! Encourage your children to visit their school library and make sure to take everyone on regular trips to the local public library. Red Apple Reading is passionate about increasing childhood literacy, and consistent library trips are a great way to promote literacy within your own family.