You may not realize it, but February is Library Lovers’ Month. We can’t think of a better time to celebrate the love of libraries than in the month that is already associated with love – thanks to Valentine’s Day! If your child’s love for the library has grown a little cold as of late, we suggest picking up one of these books to help renew her affection for this beloved institution. We have a feeling your kid will love these stories about libraries!

Library Mouse (Daniel Kirk)

Sam is a mouse who lives in the library. He sleeps during the day and comes out in the evening to read the books. Sam eventually pens his own stories and becomes rather popular among the library patrons. Find out how this little mouse inspires all kids to be writers. (Preschool-4th grade)




Stella Louella’s Runaway Book (Lisa Campbell Ernst)

Stella Louella is frantic. She can’t find her library book and it’s due at 5:00. Anyone who has ever desperately searched for a library book can relate to this tale about a little girl who finally locates her missing volume (with a little help from the people in town). (Preschool-3rd grade)



Homer the Library Cat (Reeve Lindbergh)

Homer is a quiet cat who lives in a quiet house with a quiet lady. When he goes in search of his owner one day, he finds that she works in the perfect quiet place – the library! (Preschool-3rd grade)




Library Lion (Michelle Knudsen)

Miss Merriweather is a librarian who is a stickler for following the rules. However, when a lion strolls into the library one day, no one knows quite what to do – there are no rules about lions in the library! It turns out that this lion is a pretty good library patron, but what happens when helping someone requires him to a break a rule? (Preschool-3rd grade)



Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library (Barb Rosenstock)

Thomas Jefferson loved to read. In fact, he collected three major libraries in his lifetime! Children will learn all about Jefferson’s passion for books in this very interesting true story which contains several interesting facts and quotes about Jefferson’s life. (1st-5th grade)



Biblioburro (Jeanette Winter)

This heartwarming tale from Columbia about a traveling library is based on a true story. Luis has too many books in his house! He decides to share his books with others and creates a traveling library using his two burros, Alfa and Beto, for help! (1st-4th grade)



The Lonely Book (Kate Bernheimer)

Once upon a time, there was a new book that was checked out often and loved by many children. Over time, the book faded and the children were no longer as enamored with it as they once were. Will this lonely book find someone to cherish it again? This is a sweet read kids are sure to love! (Preschool – 3rd grade)



The Midnight Library (Kazuno Kohara)

Young children will love this story about a special library that is only open from midnight until dawn. The little girl librarian has three helpful owl assistants who help her serve the many needs of her animal library patrons! (Preschool-1st grade)



Librarian on the Roof! (M.G. King)

RoseAleta is determined to show the children in Lockhart, Texas that the Dr. Eugene Clark Library isn’t just for adults. In this true story kids will learn how RoseAleta raised money to add a children’s section to the library. (1st-3rd grade)




The Librarian from the Black Lagoon (Mike Thaler)

Mrs. Beamster is the school librarian but she’s known by the pupils at school as “The Laminator”.  When students are scheduled to visit the library one day, will all the horror stories about their librarian be realized? This funny book is a good reminder that we shouldn’t always believe everything we hear! (2nd-5th grade)



Don’t miss your chance this month to celebrate libraries with one of these great books!