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Serious learning that's seriously fun!

Red Apple Reading helps kids become successful readers.

Who It's For

  • Children ages 3-9
  • Pre-K through 3rd Grade
  • Struggling readers
  • Early readers
  • English learners

Why It Works

  • Teaches phonics, phonemic awareness, sight words, vocabulary, fluency and reading comprehension
  • Children play games and learn at their own pace
  • Proven research-based practices, developed by educational experts
  • Practice with original storybooks and printable support materials
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  • My daughter loves using the program and her reading has already improved after just a few weeks. I would highly recommend Red Apple Reading.
    - Mary, Mother of 2, Memphis, TN
  • My grandson and I both love the website, even better than!
    - Georgia, Grandparent of 3, Archdale NC
  • Both boys love it, and because of your program the youngest is WAY ahead in his reading. Thank you!
    - Paula, Mother of 3, Pooler, GA
  • My daughter learned a LOT in a short amount of time using this website. Love it!
    - Orthelias, Mother of 2, Lake Oswego, OR
  • This is an absolutely great program. I am a homeschool mom of 3 and it's a great supplement to what we are already doing. I love that 3 different children can use it and that it keeps track of how they are doing. It's a wonderful, kid-friendly program that my children can work with while actually learning at the same time.
    - Jamie, Homeschool Parent, Champaign, IL
  • My son was way behind his class in reading, I started him on Red Apple Reading, and I can't get him to stop. He is almost caught up to the rest of his class after just a few weeks on Red Apple Reading. It's a wonderful program.
    - Kristi, Happy Groupon Parent, Las Vegas, NV
  • My son has been diagnosed as severely dyslexic. Red Apple Reading is the first program that has made him feel excited and successful. We have seen a two grade level improvement since he started Red Apple less than a year ago!
    - Amy, Parent, Winters, CA
  • VERY impressed with customer service!!!
    - Michelle, Caregiver, Luisburg, NC
  • Red Apple Reading is a fantastic tool to assist with teaching children to read. Their customer service is outstanding!
    - Parent, Redlands CA
  • Simple and easy way for my daughter to learn her ABCs, uppercase and lowercase, phonics, word recognition, etc. She loves it!
    - Parent, Gilroy CA
  • Such an awesome value! I plan to use this for many years to come with my current Kindergartner and possible future children. I have no regrets with my purchase. Thank you!
    - Parent, Charlotte NC
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