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"All I can say is WOW! After trying every software imaginable, this fun simple program has taught my special needs son to read and comprehend words and sentences. I am absolutely thrilled with this program! None of the trendy popular programs you read about ever worked. Thank you Red Apple!!"
- Karen P, Parent

"This is a wonderful program. My son has been struggling with reading and this program has taught him so much in such a short period of time. His teacher has even noticed an improvement. I wish I knew about this program earlier. I love the fact that you can use the program on a tablet. It's a definite A+++"
- Chantal V, Parent

"My daughter was struggling with reading and didn't even care to learn. I bought this Groupon for Red Apple Reading and she is always asking me if she can do her reading. The best part is now she is wanting to read everything. She now loves reading!"
- Kristina W, Parent

"This program helped my daughter with her reading skills tremendously. The fact that she had fun while learning helped a lot also."
- Chiquita J, Parent

"As a former primary classroom teacher/reading specialist, and now a reading tutor, I highly recommend Red Apple Reading. It is highly engaging and very visual! This wonderful program keeps my students excited and on task throughout each lesson. The customer support is also top notch! Tammy is a sweetheart and has a solution for any problem you encounter. "
- Teacher, Gilbert AZ

"Red Apple Reading is the best software program - it's nowhere near as complicated as ABC Mouse. My son loves it and he has developed so many new reading skills since starting."

"I have to limit how long the girls spend and how many lessons they can do at once. I have seen tremendous strides forward in both girls. I find them reading books, signs, flyers that I had no idea they were ready to read. Their progress and confidence surprises me daily. If you are looking for extra help when it comes to getting young kids reading, I very much recommend giving Red Apple Reading a try."  Read this homeschool mom's full review.

"It’s a nice thing to add to my homeschooling day for my 6-year-old."

"This is a great reading program and your kid can go over the already completed levels over and over for extra practice. It's interactive and very visual! My daughter loves it!"

"This has been a wonderful program. I just renewed it for another year we love it so much!"

"As a teacher and parent I highly recommend this reading app. It is engaging and contains the many aspects of reading literacy. My kids can't get enough! I do recommend using it as a supplement to your reading program and a way for the student or your child to practice their skills. The customer service is second to none! Amazing and very well-done! Give it a try...you won't regret it!"

"I love the fact that my 7-year-old who is struggling with reading, doesn't realize that he is reading. I loaded the apps on a tablet and he is always on it. This is what I have always been looking for. Unlike other programs it makes him sound out the words and answer the questions."

"My son has always struggled with reading and he not only enjoys this program but he is learning at the same time. The parent login is really easy and the website is easy to move around on."

"My son was reading when he started Preschool thanks to Red Apple Reading."

"As a Special Ed teacher, I highly recommend Red Apple Reading. The material is inviting and intriguing to students, yet instructs with precision through the necessary steps to reading success."
- Teacher, Redlands CA

"We just love using Red Apple Reading! I cannot believe our son has almost completed it. Thanks for a great site and making learning fun for the kids!"
- Parent, Dothan AL

"This is a really fun way for kids to learn to read. Either from the computer or on the iPod, my 5-year-old is flying through and she is BEYOND proud when she passes a level! I definitely recommend!"
- Parent

"This is an absolutely great program. I am a homeschool mom of 3 and it's a great supplement to what we are already doing. I love that 3 different children can use it and that it keeps track of how they are doing. It's a wonderful, kid-friendly program that my children can work with while actually learning at the same time."
- Homeschool Parent, Champaign IL

"My daughter loves using the program and her reading has already improved after just a few weeks. I would highly recommend Red Apple Reading."
- Parent

"This is a great program! My son was way behind his class in reading, I started him on Red Apple Reading, and I can't get him to stop. He is almost caught up to the rest of his class after just a few weeks on Red Apple Reading. It's a wonderful program."
- Parent

"Your program has helped my first grade daughter out so much with basic phonics. She was falling behind until she started playing. Thank you!"
- Parent, Cheswick PA

"This is an excellent program. I have a young adult who is functionally illiterate in spite of finishing high school. We have tried a number of reading programs, and this is the first one that has held his interest."
- Parent, Gainesville FL

"My grandson and I both love the website, even better than ABCmouse.com!"
- Grandparent, Archdale NC

"I think that the activities on the site are really good. They have really helped my 4-year-old learn a lot of sight words and start decoding CVC words."
- Parent and Teacher, Little Rock AR

"My son has been diagnosed as severely dyslexic. Red Apple Reading is the first program that has made him feel excited and successful. We have seen a two grade level improvement since he started Red Apple less than a year ago! I hope you will pass this on to your software developers. Their work isn't just a help, or educational… it's life-changing. We are VERY, VERY grateful. Merry Christmas, and thanks for the gift of your help."
- Parent, Winters CA

"I just arrived back from my last visit at the orphanage. The teaching there takes place regularly and your software is a great help. I wanted to say thank you once again for your helpful donation and let you know that we REALLY appreciate your help."
- Garland Hall Children's Home, Jamaica

"I tried out your program within the last year for my twin 5-year olds and it was so impressive I've decided to implement it into my preschool. Thank you for creating such a useful and entertaining program for young learners!"
- Parent & Preschool Teacher, Highland UT

"At the beginning of kindergarten, I had a difficult time getting my five-year-old son interested in reading aloud. After purchasing Red Apple Reading, my son immediately showed interest in the program, learning to read with more confidence and excitement. The program is filled with engaging graphics and games that interest and entertain, making learning to read fun! He looks forward to the ant invaders game at the end of each unit, which encourages him to complete the units much faster."
- Parent, Roswell GA

"Both boys love it, and because of your program the youngest is WAY ahead in his reading. Thank you!"
- Parent, Pooler GA

"I have a subscription for my daughter already and she really enjoys it. Now, I can't wait to share it with students at my school who are struggling!"
-Parent & Teacher, FL

"One thing that sets Red Apple Reading apart from other online games is that it truly boosts (my daughter's) confidence. She loves hearing the animated characters tell her what a great job she’s doing, and when she gets something right, I can see her face light up with pride. As a mom, there aren’t too many things in life better than that!"
-Parent, Anniston AL

"My kids love the program and I love the fact that it is educational! Thanks again for your prompt response and excellent customer service."
-Parent, Lawndale CA

"Wonderful program and ease of use! Thank you so very much for all you do to help children."
-Grandparent, Opelousas LA

"My daughter learned a LOT in a short amount of time using this website. Love it!"
-Parent, Lake Oswego, OR

"Thank you for all of your assistance. We are enjoying the program and it is very unusual to have such a positive customer service experience these days. I have already recommended your site to several people!"
-Parent, Methuen MA

"Simple and easy way for my daughter to learn her ABCs, uppercase and lowercase, phonics, word recognition, etc. She loves it!"
-Parent, Gilroy CA

"My daughter's kindergarten teacher had a meeting with my husband and I 6 weeks before the end of school. She told us we might want to consider holding her back because she was having difficulty with her reading comprehension.
We got her on Red Apple Reading within 2 days. She absolutely fell in love with the program! Her favorite activity is the word mazes. It is not just learning, it is a game to her too. (Even my 3 year old son wanted to play. He would repeat the words with his sister while she played.) I also printed out the flashcards and worksheets and worked with her every day, and tracked her progress on the Parent Dashboard.
One week before the end of school we met with her teacher again, and she said she had made significant progress and was comfortable with moving her to 1st grade. I can't thank Red Apple Reading enough for all of the help it has given my daughter. I would recommend this program to everyone I know with young kids."
-Parent, Highland CA

"Easy to use and fun. My son is learning how to read!"
-Parent, Fitchburg MA

"VERY impressed with customer service!!! They were talking about having my grandson repeat Kindergarten, so we were looking for various ways to have him learn reading skills and sight words. Really appreciate your help and the way you are adding to and improving the program."
-Caregiver, Luisburg NC

"I love your program. My 4-year-old son, with no previous schooling whatsoever, knows almost all of the alphabet letters and sounds now because of Red Apple Reading. Your program made it fun for him to learn. It has activities, visual and sound effects which draw my son in and keep him wanting more. Every morning he wants to log into Red Apple Reading. He should be ahead of his classmates when he enrolls in his kindergarten class next year. Thank you."
-Parent, CA

"Red Apple Reading provided my kindergarten students with additional reinforcement while working on letter identification and sound knowledge. They LOVED the animations, songs and characters. The interface was easy to use and intuitive. I will be using Red Apple Reading in my class every year."
-Teacher, Redlands CA

"Since starting with Red Apple Reading, our 6-year-old is making gifted strides in preparing for first grade with minimal supervision. She can easily log-in to the Red Apple Reading website and absolutely loves working through the educational and fun programs. It's fun, and keeps her interested and challenged to advance through the step-by-step levels. It's worth every penny."
-Parent, Temecula CA

"As a special education teacher of early elementary kiddos - this is just what we need to add some excitement to learning to read! Thank you so much for the offer."
-Teacher, Gardner KS

"I was very pleased to see how much my son enjoyed playing Red Apple Reading. He begged for this program over video games, and he didn't show the typical crankiness that he has with video games after finishing them. I especially liked the fact that Red Apple Reading gives a lot of praise to kids when they make the right answers, but doesn't punish them when they make errors."
-Parent, San Bernardino CA