With the current COVID-19 pandemic, libraries have closed their doors all over the country. For many parents, libraries are an important outlet for educating their kids, but now it is more important than ever to keep literature in the household. 

Reading while you are sheltering in place can keep the kids busy and educate them as well. Read below to learn more about funky bookmobiles that have spread literature to those who need it, and transport you and your little ones to different places around the world!

Today, searching for a good book is easy to do since the internet is everywhere. Before we had the internet, people had to look for other options. Bookstores and libraries were easy places to get to for those who lived in town, but people who did not live in the city were out of luck. That’s where bookmobiles come into the picture, and they have been around for many years. These libraries on wheels help spread books to those who do not have access to them, like people who live in rural areas. 

Whether it is a trip by motorbike, bus or even donkey, these mobile libraries have a common goal of spreading the love of books to those who are underserved and bringing the community together. 

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