Support Your School Library - Red Apple Reading

Many of us have fond memories of visiting our own school library as youngsters. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of taking the libraries in our schools for granted. Have you ever considered what your local school system would be like without its library? In honor of School Library Month, Red Apple Reading would like to remind our readers why school libraries are such precious gems!


  1. School Libraries Provide Opportunity – Many of us would take our children to our local public library if the school system did not provide one to its students. However, this is not the case for many children. For some kids, visiting the school library is the only opportunity they have to read books.
  2. School Libraries Afford Convenience – Let’s face it, even those of us who love books don’t make it to our public library as often as we would like. Children in most school systems have the convenience of having a library within walking distance of their classroom. You can’t beat that for easy access!
  3. School Libraries Speak to Importance – Having a whole section of school dedicated to a collection of good reading material speaks volumes to students about the importance of reading. When a school system invests in good libraries, children understand (even if only sub-consciously) that books are valuable.
  4. School Libraries Offer Inspiration – School libraries help produce creativity in children. The fun atmosphere and abundance of books from which to choose inspires kids. Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, says, “School libraries introduce kids to whole new worlds and new perspectives and are so important in broadening kids’ minds.” School libraries provide a stimulating alternative to much of what passes for “entertainment” these days.
  5. School Libraries Employ Librarians – You can’t possibly overstate the importance of a good school librarian! After all, what is a library without its librarian? School librarians cultivate relationships with their students and point them to books that will interest them. They teach children to respect and properly take care of reading material. Plus, we all remember how fun it was to go to the library and listen as the librarian read a story to us! We owe a debt of gratitude to these “keepers of books”!

If your kiddo attends a school with a library, you have good reason to be grateful! Why not pop into your child’s school sometime and thank the librarian for her hard work? While you’re there, ask how you can help support the library program. Let’s do all we can to invest in this important institution! Visit the A.A.S.L. website for more information about school library month.