Rainy Day Educational ActivitiesI don’t know what the weather has been like in your part of the country, but we’ve definitely had our share of rain where I live! We’ve all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers”; but what am I supposed to do with my active 6 year old while I wait for May?! Being cooped up in the house with little ones can be trying, but with a bit of planning you can find a rainbow in the clouds. Red Apple Reading has some fun educational activities to occupy your kiddo during those long rainy days!

  • Alphabet Hunt – Have a scavenger hunt on the next rainy day that comes your way. An alphabet hunt is not only fun, but it helps your little one develop her phonemic awareness as well. Simply have your little one retrieve an item from the house that begins with the sound of each letter in the alphabet. Be sure to give her a box or basket to collect her things – at the end of her hunt she should have 26 items!
  • Recipe – Most kids love to be in the kitchen with mom or dad. In fact, in many homes the kitchen becomes the natural gathering place for the family. If your neck of the woods is experiencing a soggy day, why not cook up something with your kiddo? Let your child read the recipe aloud to you and do the measuring. Bingo! Not only have you created a yummy dish, but you’ve snuck a reading and math lesson in too!
  • Play Dough – Speaking of recipes, making your own play dough is an excellent way to spend time on a rainy day. Let your little one help you mix the ingredients (see this recipe from The Imagination Tree ) and whip up some fun! Try adding some food coloring or an extract (peppermint, vanilla) to liven up your creation.
  • Collage – Putting together a collage is an easy way to kill some time on a rainy day. You probably have all the items already on hand – old magazines or catalogs, glue, scissors, and paper. This activity will keep your kid busy and help him develop his fine motor skills as well.
  • Make a Rain Gauge – If the forecast is calling for a particularly rainy week, why not measure the amount of rainfall you receive? Rain gauges are easy to make and your little one will love collecting the data at the end of the day. Check out these instructions from Let Kids Be Kids for constructing your very own rain gauge.
  • Salt TrayLearn With Play at Home has come up with a fun and creative way to practice counting skills and number writing. A salt tray is easy to put together and can be used for practicing numbers, letters, shapes, or just drawing pictures. Your kiddo will love this kinesthetic activity on a rainy day!
  • Red Apple Reading – While you certainly don’t want your kiddo to spend the entire day glued to the computer screen, a half hour or so of educational entertainment is acceptable. Log on to Red Apple Reading and play some fun games together. Not a member? Check out the free sample lessons and join now!

Don’t let the weather get your kiddo down! These fun indoor activities are sure to bring a little sunshine to your child’s day!