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  • Serious learning and fun with over 1,000 videos, games, and stories
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  • Made for children ages 4 to 8 in preschool through 2nd grade
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  • Pre-reading skills, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, comprehension
  • Effective instruction for early readers, struggling readers, English learners
  • Builds confidence, strengthens skills, adjusts difficulty, & engages children
Your program helped my first grade daughter so much with basic phonics. She was falling behind until she started playing.
As a special education teacher of elementary kiddos - this is just what we need to add some excitement to learning to read!
Every one of our students is engaged and making steady progress while having fun. We love this program!
This is the first program to make our severely dyslexic son feel excited and successful. He’s improved two grade levels since he started less than a year ago!
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