How to Celebrate April Fool's Day with Your Child -Red Apple Reading ExpressIf April 1st is just another day for you, or if you think it’s just for grown-up pranks, then you may be missing out. There are actually some great ways to celebrate April Fool’s Day with your kiddos that are both fun and educational. Check out some of the ways that we at Red Apple Reading Express make April Fool’s Day child’s play:

You didn’t think we’d pass up the chance to encourage story time, did you? You’d be surprised at how many children’s books have been written about April Fool’s day. Check out Scholastic’s list of recommended titles. Joke books count too!

As parents and teachers, we’re always trying to think of ways to turn everyday experiences into teachable moments. You can use April Fool’s day as an opportunity to talk to your child about jokes and pranks that are funny versus those that make others feel bad. Social skills are just as important as literacy skills, after all. To make the lesson hit home, you may even want to demonstrate by playing a harmless prank on your spouse or other family member. If you need ideas, take a look at these 7 fun practical jokes. I like the last one the best!

Can you imagine the look on your child’s face when he comes to the breakfast table and sees a plate full of green eggs and ham awaiting him? I personally can’t think of a better way to start the day off on April 1st! Of course, you can’t forget to read him the Dr. Suess book while he’s eating! Oh, and here’s the green eggs and ham recipe in case you don’t have it. *wink*

April Fool’s Day is all about being silly, so be sure to sneak in some fun activities throughout the day. Check out these whimsical activities and printables from Enchanted Learning. I especially like the magical pre-sliced banana!

Remember, your child only gets one childhood so don’t pass up this opportunity to make the day a special one.  If you play your cards right, you can make a memory that your child won’t soon forget.

Do you plan on celebrating April Fool’s Day with your little one? Do you have a funny April Fool’s story? If so, feel free to share in the comments!