Book Lover’s Day is Coming!

Book Lover's Day is Coming! - Red Apple Reading ExpressThose of you who love the written word will be pleased to know that August 9th is Book Lover’s Day! For me, everyday is really Book Lover’s Day because there is almost nothing that makes me happier than settling in with a good book. Even if you are not the book enthusiast that I am, this is still a great day to wipe the dust off of that book you’ve been meaning to read and plunge in! While you are catching up on your reading, don’t forget to include your little one in the festivities. Red Apple Reading has a few suggestions on how you can make Book Lover’s Day fun for the whole family!

Give a Gift
Book Lover’s Day is the perfect day to surprise each member of your family with a new book. Now when I say “new”, this doesn’t necessarily mean “brand new”. We are a family of 6, and given our budget, it would not be prudent to go to the local bookstore and purchase a new book for every member of my family. However, that doesn’t mean that they still can’t have a book that is new to them. I really enjoy going to thrift shops in my area and perusing their book sections. Very often there are hidden treasures on the shelf waiting to be uncovered! Another favorite of mine is I frequently visit this discount website when I need to purchase a book. In the spirit of holiday, wrap up each person’s book and have it waiting for them along with a note that wishes them a “Happy Book Lover’s Day”!

Visit the Library
Book Lover’s Day (or any day for that matter!) is an opportune time to visit your local public library. Whether or not you are a frequent visitor, a trip to the library is a good way to pass a couple of hours. If you don’t normally visit, this is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with your library. If the library is practically your second home, then it would be fun to get your kiddos to make cards for your librarians and deliver them. After all, nobody will appreciate being wished a “Happy Book Lover’s Day” more than a librarian!

Get Lost
Don’t worry, I’m not advocating that you literally get lost and try to find your way back to civilization! Rather, I am proposing that you lose yourself in a good book. Book Lover’s Day is the ideal day to take a holiday from your family’s normal routine and spend the day reading. You could schedule different “reading events” throughout the day for you and your kids. For instance, you could begin with story time and read a book aloud to your little ones. If you have children who are old enough to read on their own, you could schedule in some individual reading time. It would also be fun to have your older kids take turns reading aloud to their younger siblings. Make things fun and have your children pick a “mystery book” by closing their eyes and picking from several books in a box. You can be creative and expand on this concept. The important part is to get everyone reading!

All of us at Red Apple Reading wish you a very happy Book Lover’s Day! Let us know how you and your family celebrated!