You may have heard the phrase, “recount what you have read”. Perhaps you’ve noticed that part of your child’s homework is to tell you about what they have read. Today we will take a look at why story recounting (or retelling) is an important skill for young readers to learn.




Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a book and suddenly realized that you have no clue what was written on the last few pages? It’s easy to let our minds stray while reading; but reading is of very little value if we do not comprehend what we have read. Likewise, our children need to have a good understanding of the book or story they are reading. Retelling is an excellent way to ensure our kiddos have properly comprehended what they have read. If they cannot recount the story to you, they probably did not understand what they read. By having your child tell you the setting, main characters, and plot of the story, you can help ensure that they have adequately comprehended their reading assignment. For other reading comprehension tips, visit Red Apple Reading’sPinterest board, Reading Comp Coffers.

Story recounting is a great way to foster your little one’s imagination. Retelling encourages a child to picture the characters and story line in her head. A good way to further enhance your child’s recount of the story is to ask questions. For instance, you could ask your kid what they imagine the main character looks like. Does he have freckles, blue or green eyes? Or perhaps you could ask them to describe what the castle, house, etc looks like in their mind. By being a little inquisitive, we can help our kiddos develop a great imagination!

This next benefit may not necessarily be academically significant, but it is emotionally valuable. When you ask your child to tell you about what he has read, you are showing interest in what he is doing. As parents, we need to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with our little ones. Being curious about what they have read and asking them to share details is an important means of connecting with your children. Make sure you are not overlooking this bonding activity with your kiddo.

As you can see, story recounting is a profitable endeavor to engage in with your little reader. By having your children retell a story to you, you are helping them with comprehension, fostering their imagination, and building meaningful connections with them.