Conquering 4 Homeschool Fears - Red Apple ReadingAll parents eventually have to make the decision about how they will educate their children. Whether you choose public, private, or homeschool, each option comes with its own set of fears. I recently talked with a few of my homeschool friends about their experiences with educating their kids at home – particularly what they found intimidating. If you are considering homeschooling your children, you might find their advice about how they dealt with and overcame those fears enlightening as you prepare for the great homeschool adventure!

  1. Curriculum Choice – One mom I spoke with said she was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of curriculum available for homeschoolers. With such a wide variety and vast amount of material, how is a parent supposed to pick the right curriculum for their child? Fortunately, there are “home school fairs” held regularly in cities within driving distance of most people. At these fairs parents can look at the curriculum in person and speak with experts that can help them sift through it all. Another helpful resource she took advantage of was other moms who had already used the curriculum and gave it a good recommendation. With these useful resources, homeschool families can choose a curriculum that is a good fit for their kiddos.
  2. Academic Responsibility – The responsibility of being in charge of every subject your child studies can be daunting. After all, it is the rare individual who is naturally good at everything. However, just because you lack knowledge in a certain subject area doesn’t mean you cannot learn how to teach that subject. Study and give yourself the opportunity to learn something new – learning isn’t just your kiddo’s job! Additionally, many of my friends who homeschool choose to hire tutors or join a co-op where each parent teaches their area of expertise. Belief in your ability, hard work, and a bit of creative thinking, helps to ensure that your child receives the proper education in all of her studies.
  3. College Prep Work – Another friend of mine is homeschooling children from ages 6 to 16. Since she has high-school-aged students, it’s time to think about college prep and transcripts (without the help of a school counselor!).  Unfortunately, she faces the added pressure of knowing that some colleges are skeptical of homeschool families. One way she ensures her daughters will be prepared for college is by being a part of an outstanding school covering.  A good homeschool covering is up on all of the latest requirements for graduation and college entrance and holds regular meetings with parents.  A parent with a carefully thought out education plan, along with the help of a good cover school, will be able to help her student tackle college prep work!
  4. Fear of Failure – Another common theme amongst my friends was a fear of failure. One mother confessed that she felt totally responsible for her kids’ success in life (academically and morally) since she was their educator. This perception is unfortunate since most people don’t hold teachers in the school systems to such an impossible standard. It’s important for parents (whether homeschoolers or not) to give their kids their best effort; however, they should always keep in mind that multiple factors influence a child’s future.  So, the best advice for conquering the fear of failure is to take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy this time you have with your child!

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