Reading Is Important – No Fooling!

Reading is Important - No Fooling! Red Apple Reading

It’s April 1st, so there’s a good chance that you have already been fooled by someone or will be before the day’s end. While it’s fun to joke around on April Fool’s Day with our friends and family, Red Apple Reading would like to take this opportunity to remind our followers that literacy is no joking matter. Today we want to share 10 reasons why reading is so important for your child (no fooling!).



  1. Reading Develops Your Imagination – When a child reads, a story begins to unfold in his head. He pictures characters and settings. Television and movies do not stimulate the imagination the same way a good book can!
  2. Reading Inspires – Books allow our children to experience the life of other characters. These characters often have traits that they want to emulate. A compelling story can be a source of inspiration for our kids.
  3. Reading Cultivates Fluency – Regular reading helps to cultivate fluency. As your kiddo reads, she is learning how to do so smoothly, with feeling, and at an acceptable rate.
  4. Reading Boosts Vocabulary – Reading also helps to build your child’s vocabulary. It’s hard to learn new words if you don’t regularly encounter them. Books introduce your kid to new words and also teach him how to use them correctly.
  5. Reading Gives You a Break – Kids experience stress just like adults. Although their stress may look different than ours, it is no less serious. Books provide a healthy escape from the hassles of everyday life.
  6. Reading Improves Your Brain – A group of Stanford neurobiologists have found that both critical and leisurely reading increase blood flow to the brain that exceeds “just work and play”. Read more in the Huffington Post.
  7. Reading Builds Empathy – As your kiddo reads, he is experiencing life from another’s point of view. This exercise of seeing things through someone else’s view point helps him to be more empathetic in real life.
  8. Reading Takes You to New Places – Most of us cannot afford to visit all the places we would like to see in our lifetime. Books are a budget-friendly way to experience new places without ever leaving the comfort of your home!
  9. Reading Introduces You to New Friends – A couple of years ago I listened to an audio book about Dietrich Bonhoeffer while I ran. When I completed the book, I actually missed Bonhoeffer. I felt like I knew him. Your child will meet new people (real and fictional) every time they pick up a book.
  10. Reading Creates Memories – Last (but not least), books help our kiddos make memories. Many of these memories will be good and others will serve to instruct (i.e., The Boy in the Striped Pajamas). Whether the memories conjure good feelings or serve as life lessons, your child will benefit.