Beat the Heat with Outdoor Water Fun!

Summer is in full swing! Hopefully you aren’t already hearing the dreaded phrase, “I don’t have anything to do!” But in case you have, Red Apple Reading is coming to the rescue! Here’s a list of 10 outdoor water activities we’ve found on the web that will not only help your little one beat the heat, but will keep her entertained as well! And you know what we like best about these activities? They are super simple!


  1. Make Your Own Mini Water Blob – Who knew you could make one of these yourself? They look like a lot of fun and if you spray them with the water hose the kiddos can slide on them. Check it out on Hello, Wonderful!
  2. Ice Cube PaintingPaging Fun Mums has a super simple idea for summer fun. The best part is you probably already have all the ingredients on hand! The night before you plan to do this activity, get out the ice cube trays and food coloring and create some colorful cubes!
  3. Water Gun Painting – This activity is along the same lines as the ice cube painting. Mix up your tempera paint and water and let the kids shoot a masterpiece. Thanks Somewhat Simple!
  4. Sponge Water Bombs – This great outdoor activity is from Positively Splendid. I made these for my kiddos last summer and they really enjoyed them! If you have older kids they could make these on their own. All that’s needed are kitchen sponges, scissors and fishing line. Bombs away!
  5. Tin Foil River – I love this idea of creating a homemade river in the backyard. Pick up a roll of heavy duty aluminum foil next time you’re at the grocery and you and the kids will be ready for construction. Check it out on Frugal Fun for Boys.
  6. Water Balloon Piñatas – Keep your kiddos cool this summer with this fun take on the traditional piñata. Visit Ziggity Zoom for easy instructions.
  7. Sponge DartsThe Seasoned Mom has come up with a great outdoor game that they’ve dubbed Sponge Darts. Have the kids draw a bulls eye using sidewalk chalk, soak some sponges, and then take aim!
  8. Pool Noodle Sprinkler – Here’s another good one from Ziggity Zoom – a simple to construct pool noodle sprinkler! It’s as easy as running a water hose into a pool noodle that’s been punched full of holes. You’ll definitely want to try this one!
  9. Excavating Toys from Ice – If you have an aspiring archaeologist in the family, he or she will love this activity. Freeze those tiny toys you’re always stepping on in a sheet of ice and let your little one begin the excavation process. Learn more on Chasing Cheerios.
  10. Pretend Play Clothesline – Let your little one participate in pretend play and sharpen her fine motor skills at the same time. You’ll need a low hanging clothesline, a bucket of water filled with washcloths, and several clothespins. Thanks Play Create Explore for this fun idea!

What does your family do to beat the heat during the summer months? We’d love to hear your ideas! Leave us a comment below and share your suggestions.