Enrich Your Child's Summer Reading

Most high schools and some middle and elementary schools assign a list of books to be read before returning to school. So if you have school age children, chances are they are in the midst of their required reading. Many kids enjoy checking off their summer reading, but some (ahem, mine) chafe at the thought of being told what to read. Perhaps there is a way for parents to make the summer reading process more palatable for the kid who bucks against it as well as more enriching for the kid who enjoys it. Check out these summer reading enrichment activities from Red Apple Reading!

Watch the Movie – Let’s face it, when kids are assigned summer reading, most wonder if there is a movie based on the book they can watch instead. Let your kid know right away that you are all for him watching the movie – after they’ve completed reading the book! It may not be exactly what they had in mind, but it’s still fun to compare and contrast movie and book!

Visit a Museum – Many titles lend themselves well to a museum visit. For instance, if your kiddo is reading a World War II era book like The War that Saved My Life, you could plan a trip to a museum that has World War II exhibits.

Pair Book with Food – Who doesn’t enjoy eating? Help your child prepare a dish that is related to the book they are reading. When I found out my niece had been assigned Pride and Prejudice for her summer reading, I served an English tea one afternoon while she was visiting.

Arrange a Presentation – Let your kid prepare a fun presentation on the book she has read. Arrange a night when the whole family will be at home and have your child present a piece of artwork, a power point, a dramatic reading, or other creative summary of her book to the family.

Read Along – Why not read your child’s assigned book along with him? Check out an extra copy of the book so you can read it as well. This allows your child to discuss the plot and characters with someone else who knows what’s going on. It also naturally creates a great bonding opportunity for parent and child and communicates your interest in his activities.

Host a Book Club – If your kid has been assigned summer reading, chances are her friends have the same assignment. Arrange a book club meeting or two to allow the group to discuss the book together. Kids love to get together and if you serve some snacks for the occasion, they probably will be happy to eat them 😉

Take a Field Trip – Is there a nearby destination that pairs well with a book your child has to read? Trips to historical landmarks, festivals, plays, and re-enactments are just a few ways to supplement summer reading.

With a bit of creative thinking and planning you can help make your child’s required reading assignments a little more exciting and meaningful. Here’s hoping your kiddo’s summer reading is completed and enjoyed!