Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good story to teach a lesson or moral. A great story engages kids while giving them some of the tools they need to be successful teens and adults. However, for many years the lessons found in children’s books have not been very empowering for girls. While princesses and fairy tales are fun, they can sometimes send the wrong message to impressionable youngsters.

That’s why Sleep Advisor created this list of empowering stories for young girls. There’s no better way to show your daughter or niece she can do anything than by giving her strong role models. There are stories of real women from history, fictional stories that promote healthy self-esteem, and modern twists on classic fairy tales. Each one includes a summary and the key takeaways, so you can easily select the perfect story for any situation.

No matter the age or interests, there’s something to be gained from reading these inspiring stories to the girl in your life. Check out the visual below to see the many empowering stories out there:

Bedtime stories

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