In the early grades, students often have a new list of spelling words each week they are tested on. It’s essential for kiddos to write and rewrite each word several times to help learn how they are spelled. This repetition can get dull for kids, so why not mix it up with a bit of fun? Here are seven fun spelling activities to help them get 100 percent on their next test!

Rainbow Write

Each word first gets written in pencil, a little larger and with a little more space between each letter than usual. Then trace around each word three times, each time with a different color crayon or marker, resembling a rainbow!

Silly Sentences

Write silly sentences using at least one spelling word in each sentence, underlining the spelling words. Read the sentences out loud to someone after.

Hidden Words

Same name, two different takes! 1) Draw and color a picture, writing and hiding all of the spelling words inside the picture. Show the picture to a parent or sibling and see if they can find the hidden words. OR 2) Write each spelling word on a separate sticky note and have someone hide them around the house. Each time a word is found, the child reads and spells the word out loud.

Outside Fun

Get out of the house and write spelling words with sidewalk chalk, go to a sandbox and write the words in the sand, or take an idea from Creative Family Fun and “walk” the spelling words, writing them out very large on concrete with sidewalk chalk and then having the child walk along the lines of each letter, spelling the word out loud while they move.

Shaving Words

For indoor fun, find a flat surface that can be cleaned easily or grab a cookie sheet. Spray a small amount of shaving cream and spread it out. Write the spelling words in the shaving cream and then erase and spell the next one.

Scribble Spelling

This idea comes from Lucky Little Learners and a free template can be downloaded from their site if you don’t want to make your own. Lines are drawn around a paper, then each space between lines gets a spelling word to write in one color as many times as will fit.

Across and Down

Write each of your spelling words across and then down (starting with the first letter). Like this:


Looking for more ideas? We have links to over a hundred ideas from across the web on Red Apple Reading’s Pinterest board: Spelling Specifics. There are endless ways to make spelling fun!

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