The fourth and fifth grades are a great time to introduce children to the magic of books. Not that younger kids do not read; a lot of children take to reading from as early as age 3. But ages 9 and 10 are when they transition from simpler words and reliance on pictures in books to more textual books. It is also a time when they can develop a love for slightly longer fiction, novels, or novellas. Kids start reading texts richer in vocabulary as well as content that can lead to development of overall personality, worldview, and values.

There are quite a few books that children, with a little help from parents or another adult family member, can grasp easily and thus, begin a journey with books that can last a lifetime and enrich their lives.

Here are some of the best books (in my opinion) for kids reading at a fourth or fifth grade level, and why I think they are great. Introduce these to your children, along with any other books you think are appropriate and a good fit for them.

The Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton books are great reads for kids. For fourth graders, the Faraway Tree series, in which ‘The Enchanted Wood’ is the first book, makes for a perfect companion. Kids will get drawn into the magical world and are sure to develop a love of books once initiated to this series. The protagonists of these books are delightful kids and this series is a perfect example of how books can open up new worlds for a reader. Moreover, the language is delightful and, while it may seem archaic in today’s world, it is sure to be a great vocabulary builder.

The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

The Harry Potter series is a frequent mention in the children’s fiction genre for good reason. They are also on most bestselling lists. 10-year-olds may not really get the depth of the plot or the message in these books, but they might really love the magic of the worlds depicted in them and are bound to get absorbed into the twists and turns of the plot. The series has a charm to it that draws both children and adults to it. You could begin with the first book, help them with grasping the messages, and then go on to the other six books. A child can most likely become independent by the third book, and then start appreciating even the deeper messages.

The Chemical Drones by HashWrite

The Chemical Drones is a fairly new book and a fantastic new-age book for the today’s kids. Set in a modern world and in a fabulous school, it has a very global feel to it. There are several elements of technology and other things that kids today can easily relate to. The storyline, as well as the beautiful illustrations, make the book a delight. The book also reinforces timeless values and kids are sure to gain knowledge and build a better vocabulary, all the while thoroughly enjoying this book. Your child might finish the book in one sitting as she/he races through mischief, adventure, and the setting right of a mistake with the group of five kids who call themselves the Chemical Drones.

Dork Diaries by Rachel Renée Russell

Your child will race through the pages of the Dork Diaries series. These stories talk about life as a middle school kid in a fun manner, and the books are rich in doodles and comic strips. The joys and battles of a middle school kid are beautifully brought out through the stories, and the illustrations are very eye-catching. And the best part is the humor. Kids are bound to have a good laugh as they navigate the Dork Diaries.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl books are eternal, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an outstanding book to initiate your child into some good reading. The chocolate loving Charlie’s adventures in the eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory will leave your kid wanting to read more of such books. The language is very easy to understand. This is the kind of book that can turn a non-reader into a reader.

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Alice Applegate

This is again a fairly new book and a great way to help kids become aware about issues like animal abuse. The story revolves around Ivan, a gorilla who has spent around three decades in a glass enclosure at a mall. The story is touching, is beautifully written, and helps kids understand the moral responsibilities humans have towards other species. This is a wonderful book to sensitize your little one to an issue that is little talked about with kids.

Treasure Hunters by James Patterson

This is another relatively new book that promises to be an exciting adventure for kids. The main characters are the Kidd siblings, who follow their adventurer parents around the world. On one trip, their parents vanish, throwing the kids into an adventure with the aim of finding their parents. Your child is bound to stay hooked into the book until the very end and will not want to put the book down until the mystery is solved.

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