3 Cool Tips for Springtime Reading - Red Apple Reading Express

3 Cool Tips for Springtime Reading

Spring is here—finally! Time to open the windows and break out the sandals. Moms and dads usually love this time of year because it means that kids can unglue themselves from the TV and spend less time underfoot and more time outdoors. While reading certainly makes a great cold-weather activity, be sure to keep up a regimen of daily reading during the Spring months as well. To help you out, here are a few tips for making sure your little one stays on top of her literacy game during warmer weather.

Vocabulary Development - Red Apple Reading Express

Vocabulary Development – Reading Essentials #19

A robust vocabulary is one of the most beneficial things your child can have. After all, in order to communicate effectively, we need to understand the words we hear, speak, read, and write. How can you help your child develop a rich vocabulary? Read to him! The single largest impact on a child’s vocabulary is the amount of reading he or she does.

Mastering Phonics Skills

Mastering Phonics Skills – Reading Essentials #18

In this installment of the fundamental reading skills series, we’ll be focusing on phonics. Phonics is the relationship between a letter and its sound. For example, the letter “d” makes the /d/ sound when spoken out loud. Individual letter sounds, as well as some sounds resulting from combinations of letters such as “ch” and “sh,” are called phonemes

School and Extracurricular: How to Juggle It All

School and Extracurricular: How to Juggle it All

My oldest daughter Kelsey started marching band this year, and she has loved every minute of it—well, almost. If you’re a band parent or if you were in the band yourself, then you know that the typical season starts out with summer band camp—a grueling two-week process in which you attempt to learn the entire show for the season, under the blistering sun no less.

Literacy Activities: Preschool to Kindergarten

Literacy Activities: Preschool to Kindergarten – Reading Essentials #9

Most parents of preschoolers and kindergarteners have starting thinking about how they can help their children get ready to read. Hopefully by the time your child is 3 or 4 years old, he has had plenty of exposure to books, nursery rhymes, songs, and the letters of the alphabet. Take a look at my last post, Literacy Activities: Toddler to Preschool, if your child has not yet had these experiences.
As your child becomes more comfortable with the sounds that letters make, you can begin to help her connect the letter-sounds into words….

Your Questions About STEM Education… Answered!

STEM has been getting a lot of attention in the education world lately, and many parents may be wondering what all of the hullabaloo is about. I for one am happy to see that reading and math are not the only subjects getting attention in school anymore. I was beginning to worry that all might be lost in the sciences and arts!