Wow, have I been getting an education in social media lately!  There is so much out there I didn’t even know about a year ago (okay, 2 months ago). I had a Facebook account, knew about Twitter, watched some YouTube videos, and had heard about writing blogs, but had no idea those are just the tip of the iceberg – there are hundreds of social media sites connecting people today. When do people have time for all of this?
For many, as it is for me, spending time online catching up with what’s happening with others can be relaxing and fun. I enjoy seeing pictures of family, friends, and their children. Watching a funny video or reading a heart-warming story is enjoyable and relaxing. I get to see what my college-age daughter is up to. I even get to dabble in a little online gaming with friends and family members.
There are also A LOT of great articles, blogs, and web sites I run across while surfing the Internet. Some of these pieces that relate to education end up on my company social media pages. That’s my medium for sharing. A lot of people are out there sharing. They have some really good things to say. But the more friends and pages we follow, the more there is to read each time we go online. How do you make time for it all and still have a life? And how many of these posts are we merely glancing at or not reading at all because we just don’t have time?
A friend of mine is writing this really great educational blog. She’s written over a dozen posts now and I’ve read every single one of them. She’s an incredible writer, so her blogs are enjoyable to read. Have I left a comment on even one of them? Isn’t that the purpose of a blog, to interact and spark discussions? The comments I read after articles and blog posts are mostly very detailed responses, thoughtful and very well written. I don’t just want to write, “I agree with you 100%,” or “Yes! This is great!” How many of us have time (or will take the time, because we can make time for something that’s really important to us) to sit and write some witty or philosophical response? I want to engage readers with my own posts , but I also recognize that, like myself, people are busy and have lives beyond the computer.
So how do I know anyone is reading anything I post for my company pages? I don’t, for now, but the information is out there in the Internet cloud and will be accessible to someone when they are ready for it. I will continue to share great web sites and articles that I think will help parents or teachers or children. My friends and fans will still be informed that this month is Black History Month and Library Lovers Month. Or encouraged to consider reading the Little House on the Prairie book series in celebration of Laura Ingalls Wilder Day. And I will continue to share Sneak Peaks, videos, and information about our company and Red Apple Reading software as we get closer to our expected launch date.  If you took the time out of your busy life to read this entire post, thank you.  🙂

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tc · February 6, 2012 at 7:15 pm

TRULY great POINTS! I love what you write and we are exicited for the LAUNCH!

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