How Technology Can Improve Child Literacy - Red Apple Reading


If you are like me, monitoring your children’s use of technology can seem overwhelming. The cyber world can be dangerous if used irresponsibly. There’s no doubt about it – technology can be both a blessing and a curse. Today, however, Red Apple Reading would like to look at the positive side of the coin. Join us as we take a look at how technology can positively impact your child’s literacy.


  • Ebooks – Electronic books are a wonderful means of improving your child’s literacy. If your little one is desperate to try out your tablet, why not check out what the Kindle store has to offer for her? There are several books available for as little as $1. Download a couple of titles for your child and read along with her.
  • Study Help – There are a plethora of study aids available for children via apps and the internet. For instance, you and your child can visit Quizlet and make flash cards for his upcoming vocabulary test (for free!). Is your kindergartener neck deep in sight words? Guess what? There’s an app for that – several in fact! Dolch Sight Words is one of many apps available to help your budding reader improve his sight words skills.
  • Listen to and Record Books – If your little one enjoys being read to, make sure you are reading aloud to him daily. As an added bonus, your kiddo can listen to other people read stories aloud online. Storyline Online features several different celebrities reading popular children’s books aloud. Your child can watch Betty White as she reads Harry the Dirty Dog or Elijah Wood read Me and My Cat? Technology also provides the opportunity for your kid to practice reading aloud. Audioboo lets you make an audio recording of your little one reading her favorite book or original story! You can also include a picture of her along with the recording. She will love going back and listening to her very own narration.
  • Visit Red Apple ReadingRed Apple Reading offers several different resources to help your child become a better reader. Visit our website to check out our great online software. Your youngster will love playing the fun reading games and you will love the progress you see in his reading! We also offer great reading apps, including phonics and sight word instruction and ebooks such as Red Apple Readers and Crossword Puzzle Fun. We believe this is technology your kiddo can definitely benefit from.

With proper oversight and guidance from parents, technology can be a wonderful resource for our little ones as they learn to read and write. Leave us a comment and let us know how your family uses technology to improve literacy.