St. Patrick’s Day is here again! Although it may seem impossible that a whole year has passed since we last celebrated “the luck of the Irish”, it’s time to put on our green garb and avoid those St. Patrick’s Day pinches! Whether you believe in luck or not (I personally do not), St. Patrick’s Day can remind us of all the ways we are “lucky“, “blessed“, “fortunate“, or however else you may label it. Today, Red Apple Reading would like to share how “lucky” we are to be readers in an age of exciting technology.

Touch Screen “Magic”
With the innovation of smart phones and tablets, children now have access to different and exciting reading mediums. Access to technology can make reading more attractive for kids who perhaps would not always prefer to pick up a print book. In fact, recent research by the National Literacy Trust (NLT) and Pearson education firm, “pointed to growing literacy among three to five-year-olds who used both touch screen and basic print technologies.” Furthermore, touch screen technology seems to play a positive role in poor children’s reading habits. The same study found that poorer children are two times as likely to look at stories using a touch screen on a daily basis than kids from more affluent households. Visit the ITV website to view the complete article. The “magic” of touch screen technology appears to be positively influencing the reading habits of many children.

An Abundance of Apps
Touch screens are only one of the many forms of technology we are “lucky” to have at our disposal. Apps are another useful technology tool in promoting literacy. A quick visit to your app store will reveal an abundance of apps designed to aid children in their reading. For example, the Storia reading app from Scholastic provides children with a plethora of reading titles, a Storia dictionary, Read-to-Me eBooks, and learning activities included in the enriched eBooks. We also happen to be big fans of the Red Apple Reading Island Adventure apps 😉 These creative and fun apps include interactive storybooks, crossword puzzles, lessons, and videos. Members of Red Apple Reading can get these program apps for free – which is one more reason why you’ll want to check out these apps for your kiddo!

There is a wide variety of technology out there that encourages children to read. We’ve only listed a couple of the many that are available. Leave us a comment below and tell us about your favorite reading tech tool. Red Apple Reading wishes you and your family a happy St. Patrick’s Day! While you and your kiddos are enjoying the day, take time to reflect on how lucky you are to be a reader in the 21st century. It is a wonderful time to be alive and have access to literacy-promoting technology!