This Earth Day head outside with your kiddos and enjoy the great outdoors together. While you’re at it, take a book and blanket with you and dive into an earth-friendly read. Red Apple Reading has 10 books for you and your children to enjoy together today or any day.

greenGreen (Laura Vaccaro Seeger) – This is the perfect book to celebrate being “green” this earth day! Seeger treats readers to a lovely homage of the color green. Children will enjoy a variety of different shades of green – from lime green to forest green. This is a good read for the younger crowd, but moms and dads will enjoy this beautifully illustrated book as well!



thecuriousgardenThe Curious Garden (Peter Brown) – Little Liam happens upon a neglected garden and decides to give it some t.l.c.  Before long his efforts begin to pay off and his garden spreads throughout the city. Early elementary school students will enjoy watching Liam’s progress as he tends his garden. This charming book also has very nice illustrations!



a_box_story_by_kenneth_kit_lamug_title_bookA Box Story (Kenneth Kit Lamug) – One focus of Earth Day is the importance of recycling. The beloved box is the perfect candidate for reuse (anyone who has a kid knows that the box is  usually more fun than the gift that was inside!). Kiddos will love this recipient of the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.



The-Backyard-Homestead-9781603421386The Backyard Homestead (Carleen Madigan) – This informative book clues readers in on how to make the most of their backyard. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how much food can be harvested on just a quarter acre of land. Includes helpful charts and illustrations. A great read for the entire family!



The-Busy-Tree-Ward-Jennifer-9780761455509The Busy Tree (Jennifer Ward) – Early elementary school students will enjoy learning about the everyday activities of a tree. The pretty illustrations and rhyming text make for an enjoyable reading experience! Pick up this book and find out what’s happening in a tree near you!



thumbnailsA Tree is Nice (Janice May Udry) –  Another wonderful tree homage! This book, with its simple illustrations, reminds children just how nice a tree really is! 4- to 8-year-olds will like this Caldecott Medal Winner.




CompostStewCompost Stew (Mary McKenna Siddals) – This cool A – Z guide instructs children on suitable ingredients for the perfect compost pile! A fun earth-friendly presentation for young students.




Diary-of-a-Worm-9780060001506Diary of a Worm (Doreen Cronin) – Kids will discover how a worm spends his day in this funny book for early elementary school students. Worm works hard digging tunnels and also has a little time for some fun as well!




A-Handful-of-Dirt-9780802786982A Handful of Dirt (Raymond Bial) – Older elementary aged children will get a close up look at one of earth’s most important resources – dirt. Filled with impressive full-color photographs that capture the attention – this book is an informative resource for children.



my_life_nature_cornell_bookJohn Muir: My Life With Nature (Joseph Cornell) – This biography is a wonderful introduction to beloved naturalist, John Muir. Older children (10 and up) will find Muir’s life compelling and inspiring. Includes several nature activities that encourage kids to explore the outdoors for themselves.




Mary McKenna Siddals · April 21, 2014 at 10:19 pm

What a great assortment of earth-friendly books! Thanks so much for including my COMPOST STEW!

    Tammy Bennecke · April 22, 2014 at 8:56 am

    You are quite welcome! Thank you for writing a colorful and delightful book that both children and parents can benefit from reading. What a great way to learn about making compost! 🙂

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