Family Sitting On Sofa At Home With LaptopHow did I ever manage before I could go online? OK, as I recall I did manage to survive. But I have to admit, having access to the internet really makes my life a lot easier! If I don’t understand my kid’s homework he needs help with, where do I go? The internet! What if I need to know how to make my own taco seasoning? I go to the internet! If I need to order the next book in the Big Nate series for my son, I get online. You get the picture. Online resources rock! Today, Red Apple Reading shares 6 favorite online resources for families.

  1. Pinterest – Who knew you could gain so much information from an online pin board? Really! I can’t remember how I prepared dinner before I was introduced to Pinterest! If you are interested in crafting, cooking, education, fashion, humor, holiday planning, or just about anything else – you just can’t beat Pinterest! If you haven’t already become a pinner, go straight to this amazing site and get started immediately!
  2. Discovery Education – With resources for parents, students, and teachers, Discovery Education is a wonderful asset for families! This website is particularly helpful if your family needs help in the homework department – step-by-step math instruction is just one of the amazing resources available to families! I personally love the Puzzle Maker which allows you to create your own puzzles (word search, cryptograms, hidden phrases, etc.) for free!
  3. National Geographic – Watch a video about stink bugs, take a quiz on international foods, put together a puzzle of Africa, and learn 5 surprising squirrel facts. These are just a smattering of the fun things you and your family can enjoy when you visit this fun and informative website. National Geographic offers a plethora of fun games, activities, and videos that the whole family will enjoy!
  4. Fun Magazine – If you’re looking for fun crafts, games and activities for your kiddos, then look no further than Fun Magazine! This website was my go-to for years when I had small children. I love their party planning ideas and Toy of the Year awards. Make sure to check out this fun-filled online resource today!
  5. Scholastic – Who doesn’t look forward to receiving those Scholastic book fliers from their child’s school? I have to admit it’s one of my favorite things to find in my son’s backpack (my least favorite: the smushed snack). Did you know that Scholastic also has a great website with resources for children and their parents? Kids can read stories, find printables, play games, and watch videos. Parents will find homework help, suggestions for building their child’s library, daily tips and more.
  6. Red Apple Reading – Get ready, we’re about to toot our own horn (but it really does deserve sounding!). Red Apple Reading is a great online resource for families who have emerging, early, or struggling readers. If you’re looking for top notch reading instruction outside of the classroom, then look no further than Red Apple Reading! Your kids will love the fun and engaging games and you will love the results! Check out our free sample lessons today!