Online Resources for Families

How did I ever manage before I could go online? O.K., as I recall I did manage to survive. But I have to admit, having access to the internet really makes my life a lot easier! If I don’t understand my kid’s homework he needs help with, where do I go? The internet! What if I need to know how to make my own taco seasoning? I go to the internet! If I need to order the next book in the Big Nate series for my son, I get online. You get the picture. Online resources rock! Today, Red Apple Reading is sharing 6 of our favorite online resources for families.

10 Children’s Education Blogs We Love!

What did we ever do before the Internet? I can’t tell you how many times this week I’ve Googled something… and don’t get me started on social media! As a parent, I also love that there is a wealth of sharing and knowledge in the cloud available for education. There are many, many educational blogs out there that are very informative and full of great ideas. At Red Apple Reading we appreciate a good educational blog, and believe you’ll want to mark the following ten blogs as favorites and visit them on a regular basis.