Getting the School Year Off to a Positive Start

Summer break is almost over! Some school children have another month of vacation to enjoy, and many students are heading back to the classroom in the next few weeks. While returning to a structured routine is appealing, beginning a new year can be stressful for both kids and parents! Red Apple Reading has a few tips to help your family get the school year off to a positive start.

A Week Before:

  • Book Bag Deposit – Strategically placed wall hangers, cubbies, or baskets ensure that kids can quickly locate their back packs and books.
  • Homework Headquarters – Prepare a place for kids to work. A quiet work space stocked with pencils, pens, and paper, is a must for successful homework completion!
  • Parent Papers – We all know how hard it is to keep track of all those notes, calendars, and lunch menus that go home daily. Purchase a paper tray to keep all those pieces of paper tidy and handy. When kids empty their book bags, papers for home go immediately in the tray!
  • Time to Talk – One of the most important things parents can do to help their little ones get off on the right foot is to talk with them about the upcoming year. A simple conversation can reveal your child’s fears, hopes, and expectations. So before classes start take your kiddo out for an ice cream and discuss the approaching school year.

The Night Before:

  • Fuss Free Wardrobe – Avoid morning drama over clothing. Have your child choose his outfit and lay it out the night before. Make sure clothing complies with the school dress code.
  • Packed and Ready – Make certain book bags are packed with completed homework and other papers that have to be returned.
  • Reasonable Bed Time – One of the most effective ways to improve your child’s school experience is by ensuring she gets adequate sleep each night. The National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute recommends that preschoolers get 11-12 hours of sleep per night; while school age children require at least 10 hours, and teens need 9-10 hours.

The Morning of the First Day:

  • Time to Go– Make sure your kiddo has plenty of time to get ready in the morning. A mad, morning rush almost guarantees that you will be sending a disgruntled child off to school. Some kids move slowly in the morning and others hit the ground running. Plan your morning accordingly!
  • Breakfast Boost – Be sure to incorporate a healthy breakfast into your morning schedule. A full tummy will help your little one concentrate and give her the energy she needs to tackle the day! Many schools offer breakfast before classes begin each morning. Often these meals are free or reduced depending on your household income. Ask your school administration for details!

We can’t be in complete control over how our child’s first day of school unfolds, but we can implement a few strategies to help make the transition smoother. We hope your kiddos have an enjoyable first day of school this year!

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