Help Your Child Avoid the Summer Slump

Ready or not, another summer season is upon us! For months children have dreamed of an extended break from the structured school schedule. While summer is a wonderful time to decompress, parents need to be mindful of the phenomenon that has become known as the summer slump. The result of not receiving enough educational stimulation over the summer months, the slump often leads to a loss of previously acquired education. What can parents do to avoid this reversal of learning? Red Apple Reading has some tips to help your child beat the summer slump!

Educational Summer Fun - Red Apple Reading

Educational Summer Fun

Although the season doesn’t officially begin until June 21, with Memorial Day now behind us, it feels like summer has already begun. If you’re like me you have mixed feelings about summertime. While I’m happy that the kids have a break from school, I cringe at the idea of them sitting around watching television and playing video games for 2 months! That’s why I attempt to have some fun educational activities for them to do throughout the season. A quick perusal of the internet reveals an endless variety of ideas for fun summer learning. Here are some of our favorites!

10 Summer-Themed Books for Kids

If your kiddos are like mine, they are ready for summer! Summer is rather magical – long days, fireflies, swimming pools and popsicles are just a few of the wonderful parts of summer vacation. As your family prepares for the summer season, why not pick up a summer read for your child? Red Apple Reading has some recommendations we think you and your little one will enjoy!

Summer's Last Hurrah! Red Apple Reading

Summer’s Last Hurrah!

For many of us, Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. Why not make the most of the Labor Day weekend and spend the last few days before school begins having some fun together as a family? We have some ideas to make the “last hurrah” of summer a memorable one for you and your kiddos!

5 Ways to Keep Your Child Sharp Over Summer - Red Apple Reading

5 Ways to Keep Kids Sharp Over Summer

The National Summer Learning Association reports that “students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of the summer”. How can parents help their child beat the summer slump? Red Apple Reading has 5 suggestions that will help keep your kiddo sharp over summer vacation.

Get Out and Read This Summer! Red Apple Reading

Get Out and Read This Summer!

Summer is here! It’s time to run through sprinklers, man lemonade stands, ride bikes, and enjoy being outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine help to grow healthy kiddos; however, your child’s reading need not be compromised because of time spent outside. After all, reading and the outdoors are two great things that really do go great together! Speaking of great, Red Apple Reading has some great ideas for taking reading outside this summer.

Prepare for Summer! | Red Apple Reading

Prepare for Summer!

The summer season is quickly approaching, and for many of us that means our children will be home from school. While most people probably don’t think about making a summer plan (after all, the summer season is about taking a break from our normal routine), you don’t want to get to the third day of summer vacation with a kiddo complaining of boredom and not be prepared. Red Apple Reading has a 5 item list that will ensure you and your kiddos are ready for a successful summer season.

Sensational Summer Reads - RAR

Sensational Summer Reads

All of us at Red Apple Reading hope you and your family are having an amazing summer. There are so many wonderful things about summer vacation, and one of the best is: more time to read! In honor of this magnificent time of year, we would like to recommend some summer themed books for your kiddos. So, let’s explore some summer sensations!