Red apples are a popular symbol in early education, and Red Apple Reading is especially fond of them! Instead of sharing an apple with you today, we thought we would do one better and share 10 great apple themed children’s books. Just like the fruit, we think you will find these selections particularly enjoyable.

5 Little Apples (Yusuke Yonezu)
This cute lift-the-flap book for little ones is sure to please. With bright illustrations and sturdy pages, this board book introduces fun animals who slowly take apples away until none remain. However, there is a surprise at the end! Ages 2-5

Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship (Edward Hemingway)
What happens when an apple and a worm become best friends? Mac the Apple and Wil the Worm quickly discover that everyone thinks it’s strange – apples and worms aren’t supposed to like one another! Can they maintain their friendship in spite of what the bullies say? Ages 3-5

Ten Apples up on Top (Dr. Seuss, writing as Theo. LeSieg)
Kids learn to read and count with this classic Seuss book. Three animal friends find they can do lots of different things while balancing apples on their head! This catchy rhyming story is sure to be a favorite with young kids. Ages 3-7

Apple Picking Time (Michele B. Slawson)
It’s time to bring in the apple harvest. Follow a community as they gather together to harvest the apple orchard. Will Anna be able to pick an entire bin of apples all by herself this year? Find out in this beautifully illustrated story. Ages 3-7

The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree (Gail Gibbons)
This is a story of a boy and his apple tree. Follow Arnold as he and his tree weather the seasons together. From picking blossoms in the spring to stringing treats for the birds in winter, readers will enjoy all of Arnold’s apple tree adventures. Ages 4-7

The Apple Pie Tree (Zoe Hall)
Two sisters keep watch over their apple tree throughout the year. It changes from season to season. In the winter time it has no leaves. In the spring it has blossoms. As the year progresses the apples become bigger and redder. Kids and parents will enjoy the bright collage illustrations and the apple pie recipe at the end! Ages 4-8

The Apple Orchard Riddle (Margaret McNamara)
When Mr. Tiffin takes his class to the local orchard, his students learn many things about apples. Along the way they also attempt to solve a riddle. The class daydreamer, Tara, is the student who ends up guessing the answer. A page of apple orchard facts nicely completes this classroom tale. Ages 4-8

The Apple Pie that Papa Baked (Lauren Thompson)
This charming tale of a father preparing an apple pie for his daughter is written in the style of The House that Jack Built. The lyrical text is just part of the appeal of this book. The folk-art style illustrations add to the charm, making this story a treat to look at as well as read. Ages 5-8

Johnny Appleseed (Steven Kellogg)
Steven Kellogg nicely weaves fact and myth together in this compelling tale of John Chapman (better known as Johnny Appleseed). Parents and children alike will appreciate Kellogg’s beautiful illustrations. This account will have children itching to know more about this larger than life American legend. Ages 4-9

One Green Apple (Eve Bunting)
It is Farah’s second day at her new school in her new country. She cannot speak the language and she looks different than the other children. Join Farah and her new classmates as they go on a field trip to an apple orchard. In the process of making apple cider with the other students, Farah begins to see that she can be a part of this new place. Ages 5-9

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