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Developing a Passion for Poetry

Have you ever considered the benefits of introducing your child to poetry? When we introduce our kids to books and materials that focus on rhyme, they learn to hear the natural rhythms of spoken language. Rhymes help children hear the phonetic connections between words with similar spellings and sounds. Whether your child is an emerging or independent reader, poetry can play an important role in literacy development. Red Apple Reading has a few tips on how to help children develop a passion for poetry.

Celebrate Poetry!

Join us as we celebrate poets and their amazing work for Poet’s Day (August 21st)! This is also a good time to reflect on the benefits of poetry for children, some children’s poets we can introduce them to, and explore ways we can encourage them to create their own poetry!

Poetry Books for Children

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? I’m one of those moms who have books in every room of the house; but I must admit, not many of those are books of poetry. Maybe it’s time for me to have a better-rounded library for my kids. After all, I might have a budding poet in my house that just needs a little inspiration! In honor of National Poetry Month, Red Apple Reading is recommending 10 books of children’s poetry. Perhaps you’ll find one to help round out your kiddo’s library!