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Choosing a Preschool

Many of you out there with young children may be considering enrolling your little one in a preschool program. If chosen wisely, your child can benefit from being in a preschool setting. So how do you know if you have chosen a good preschool for your kid? Today we will look at a few characteristics of good preschools.

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Year-Round Schooling

As the majority of us are in the midst of our children’s summer vacation, there are a small but growing number of students attending school. Most of us have heard of the term Year-Round Education or YRE. YRE is when school systems adopt an academic calendar that has children attend school the usual number of days but with more frequent and shorter breaks. Thus, eliminating the traditional two to three month summer vacation. Whether or not you are a fan of the year-round model, it is helpful to be familiar with this system since it is gradually gaining momentum in our country.

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The Pros and Cons of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

If you have school-age children, there is a good chance that you have had or heard discussions about the BYOD initiative for schools. This concept encourages the student to bring his or her own technological gadget to school in order to aid in the educational process. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative is gaining momentum and is already being instituted in many schools across the country. Consequently, a debate has been sparked over the positive and negative aspects such a program brings to the table.


Creative Ways to Study Spelling Words

Most early elementary school students have weekly spelling tests. As parents, it falls to us to help our kiddos prepare. Whether our kids are good spellers or struggling spellers, the studying process can be tedious. According to the article, “How Words Cast Their Spell”, written in the 2008-2009 edition of American Educator, “The correlation between spelling and reading comprehension is high because both depend on a common denominator: proficiency with language….The more deeply and thoroughly a student knows a word, the more likely he or she is to recognize it, spell it, define it, and use it appropriately in speech and writing.” So, spelling is a vital part of the education process. But don’t despair dear parent! With some creativity and an open mind, you and your child can have successful spelling study sessions!


Gifts for the Teachers in Your Life

Red Apple Reading know the difference a good teacher can make in the life of a child. Hopefully, as parents we all show appreciation for our kids’ teachers throughout the school year, but this week gives us the opportunity to thank them in an extra special way. Teaching is one of the hardest and most important jobs in our society. Since they work so hard for our little ones, let’s think about how we can show teachers some much deserved gratitude!

When Your Kid Doesn't Want to Go to School | Red Apple Reading Express

When Your Kid Doesn’t Want to Go to School

It is the rare child that wakes up every morning excited to attend school. Most of us have heard our kids say at one time or another, “I don’t want to go to school today!” Some infrequent, short-lived dislike of the school experience is normal, but what do you do when your child is suddenly and consistently upset about going to school? A few simple interventions could help you send your kid off with a smile on his face.

Bullying: What You Can Do About It | Red Apple Reading Express

Bullying: What You Can Do About It

Like most moms and dads, I happen to think my children are awesome. They’re cute, funny, and smart. I can’t imagine why anyone of any age wouldn’t want to hang out with them. I certainly can’t fathom why another kid would tease them at school, but bullying exists, and like other evils, it defies logic. Understanding why it happens may be helpful for the long-term, but in the short-term, we parents need to empower our children by preparing them for the worst.

Art and Literacy: Do They Go Hand in Hand?

Art and Literacy: Do They Go Hand in Hand?

Dwindling budgets have forced art programs across the country out of our public school systems, much to the dismay of many teachers and educators who have long respected art as not just a second recess (as some mistakenly perceive it), but as a key part of a child’s schooling. We know that the arts can help students develop critical thinking skills, special intelligence, and of course, creativity, but did you know that art can also enhance literacy? Here’s how.