10 Fun Educational Toys

One of the things I appreciate about summer break is that it gives my children some extra unstructured time during the day. Don’t misunderstand me, I am a huge fan of structure and schedules; in fact, my kids’ summer vacation is probably a bit more structured than most. However, included in our schedule is free play. This can look just about anyway the kids want it to – providing it doesn’t involve electronics. There is something wonderful about being able to play and use one’s imagination in anyway one chooses. Of course, this doesn’t mean that parents can’t have options available for their child to choose from. Which brings us to the topic of today’s post: Fun Educational Toys! There are literally thousands of great learning toys available to purchase and enjoy. Today we will look at 10.

Four Fun Father's Day Gifts - Red Apple Reading Express

Four Fun Father’s Day Gifts

With Father’s Day right around the corner, you are probably already considering what to get the men in your life on this special day. If you are like me, you find that special man in your life (father or husband) a little hard to buy for. It can be tricky to find just the right gift to give on Father’s Day, but let’s not give up too quickly and buy the first pair of socks or tie we see! Hopefully, this list of four fun gifts for Dad will give you some inspiration as you and your family prepare for Father’s Day!


Are SmartPhones Taking Over Your Family?

My husband and I used to make fun of the couples in restaurants who stared longingly at their phones rather than each other. Over plates of over-priced food, they gazed at their screens while never making eye contact with one another. We vowed never to be that couple. Then, we each got a Smartphone…on the same day. Looking back, that may have been one of the most transformative days of our marriage.

3 Activities Promoting Literacy for National Family Day - Red Apple Reading Express

3 Activities Promoting Literacy for National Family Day

Did you know today is National Family Day? To celebrate, we’d like to share some of our favorite literacy-promoting activities that you can do with your whole family to encourage your budding reader and—well, to just have fun together! Remember, reading books is a great way to help your little one acquire literacy skills, but it’s not the only way!

3 Smart Organizational Strategies for Busy Parents

3 Smart Organizational Strategies for Busy Parents

Busy parents often need a helping hand when it comes to supporting their kids during the school year. But then again, I’ve yet to see a parent who isn’t busy! If you’re among the many frazzled moms or dads trying to juggle work, kids, social events, school events, extracurricular, and the like, then there’s a good chance you could use some tips to keep it all organized.