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Books: The Perfect Gift

With the holiday season at hand, many of us our gearing up to do our Christmas shopping. It can be intimidating trying to find that just right present for each person on our list. Plus, hitting the stores and surfing the internet for hours can put a damper on the merriest person’s holiday cheer. Skip the Christmas present stress this year. Red Apple Reading has the perfect gift idea for everyone on your list: books

Thankful for Reading

With the Thanksgiving season at hand, our thoughts naturally turn toward gratitude. No matter our current circumstances we all have something for which to be grateful. In fact, we often take our most precious gifts for granted. For instance, have you ever considered the advantages that being literate affords? Red Apple Reading would like to take time this holiday season to remind our friends what a privilege it is to read!

Goosebumps for Halloween

Do you have children who like a good scare? During the spooky month of October we celebrate a mysterious author’s birthday: R.L. Stine. Stine is best known for his spine-chilling children’s book series: Goosebumps.

Earth Day Educational Ideas

There are several ways to incorporate Earth Day into the school day. Whether you teach in a traditional classroom or homeschool your kids, you’ll love these different activities that allow you to instruct while using an Earth Day theme. If your little ones attend a public or private school, you can choose an activity from the list to do when they arrive home in the afternoon. We know that however you choose to include these activities in your day, you and your kiddos will have a blast and learn a lot in the process!

President's Day activities for kids - Red Apple Reading

President’s Day Activities for Kids

We hope everyone is enjoying their long President’s Day weekend! Even if you and your kids don’t get the day off from work and school, President’s Day is still a great time to remember past and present Presidents! If you’re looking for a way to commemorate this holiday with your kids, Red Apple Reading has five great President’s Day activities for children. Check them out!

Teaching Kids about Independence Day

The 4th of July is filled with all sorts of fun activities: block parties, fireworks, barbecues, and parades to name a few! Little ones enjoy participating in these events; but do they realize what they are celebrating? Unfortunately, many children don’t understand the significance of Independence Day. This year give your kiddos a tutorial about this important holiday using these fun activities!