5 Reasons School Libraries Rock! - Red Apple Reading

5 Reasons School Libraries Rock!

Many of us have fond memories of visiting our own school library as youngsters. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of taking the libraries in our schools for granted. Have you ever considered what your local school system would be like without its library? In honor of School Library Month, Red Apple Reading would like to remind our readers why school libraries are such precious gems!

3 Reasons to Keep Older Children Reading - Red Apple Reading

3 Reasons to Keep Children Reading

March Into Literacy month is here and Red Apple Reading is joining in the celebration! Reading is a crucial skill for continued school success. Unfortunately, many kids begin to lose interest in reading as they become older. Some parents assume that since their child has already learned how to read, daily reading is unimportant. However, being able to read does not automatically assume full literacy. Continued reading throughout the school years is vital for developing fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.

Cheat Sheet of Reading Terms - Red Apple Reading

Cheat Sheet of Reading Terms!

Are you the parent of an emergent reader? If so, you have probably heard your child’s teacher using several different terms associated with reading. Don’t despair if you don’t understand what is meant by these different words because Red Apple Reading has come to your rescue! The following list of commonly used reading terms and their definitions will help you as you navigate your child’s reading journey!

Six Simple Ways to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education

Six Simple Ways to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education

Do you feel as if you don’t have a clue what your kid does all day at school? Sometimes it can seem like pulling teeth to get your child to open up and tell you about her day. Or perhaps you know what they are learning but would like to feel more involved in the process. Mothers and fathers can and should take part in their children’s education. Red Apple Reading has 6 simple suggestions that will help parents become more involved in the education of their kids.

Tackling a Troubling Report Card

The issuing of the first report card of the school year is a time of celebrating children’s achievements in many households. However, the first report card of the year may also produce anxiety in some parents. Perhaps your child is not progressing academically like you had hoped; or maybe your child’s teacher has expressed a concern about your little one. What can parents do to help a child who has received a troubling report card? Red Apple reading has 10 suggestions for concerned parents.

Celebrate Back-to-School

Celebrate Back-to-School!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good party? Throughout the year we celebrate birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, weddings, and other countless events. Celebrations are particularly great for marking the start of something new. Since the new school season is just around the corner, why not get the year off to a great start with a fun party? A back-to-school party can be a great way to get our kiddos excited about the upcoming school year. Red Apple Reading has some fun party suggestions to help kick off the start of an exciting school year!

Cool School Supplies

Can you believe that it’s that time of year to grab the school supply list, load up the kiddos and head to the store? Where did the summer go? To be honest, back-to-school shopping isn’t at the top on my list of fun things to do. If you share my bleak outlook on hitting the stores and stocking up for school, take heart! There are a lot of nifty back to school supplies out there waiting to cheer you (and your little one) up and make going back to school more exciting! We have great finds for the eco-friendly, the tech-savvy, the trendy and the fun-loving! Let’s take a look at some of these cool school supplies.

Opting Out of Preschool - Red Apple Reading Express

Opting Out of Preschool

If you have decided against enrolling your child in a formal preschool classroom, your kiddo can still be prepared to enter kindergarten when the time comes. Red Apple Reading has some suggestions to help ensure that your little one is school ready!

School Anxiety - Red Apple Reading Express

School Anxiety

Some schools are already back in session for a new year, and the rest of us will be there soon! With the reality of a new school year inching closer each day, our kiddos are probably already contemplating the transition. For some of our children, the thought of entering a new grade is exciting. Other kids might be (how should we put this?) less than thrilled. Maybe your little one falls into a third category: scared. While a little anxiety over a new school year is normal, some kids have an inordinate amount of fear. How can parents help their anxious child cope with this inevitable transition? Red Apple Reading has a few suggestions for parents of anxious students.

Transitioning: Preparing for Back to School - RAR

Transitioning: Preparing for Back to School

Summer vacation is a magical time in the life of a child. No school schedule or homework, long hours spent playing in the sun, and family vacations, are just a few things that make summer such a fun experience. Hopefully your kiddos have had an enjoyable vacation from school. However, summer is quickly drawing to a close and with the end in sight, we start looking ahead to the coming school year. As parents, we know it can be difficult for our children to switch back into the structured schedule of school. Fortunately, there are some simple things we can do to ease the transition back into academic life.