Spring Literacy Activities

Here at Red Apple Reading we love a creative literacy activity. We believe learning should be fun and spring provides the perfect opportunity to introduce cool literacy projects! This week we’ve chosen 10 of our favorite activities from our spring Pinterest page. We know your little ones will simply love these literacy activities!

Fostering Fluency

Learning to read fluently is another key element in the reading process. In order for your kiddo to truly comprehend and enjoy what he’s reading, he needs to acquire fluency—the ability to read words and sentences accurately, at a reasonably quick pace, without the need to stop and decode individual words. Your child’s comprehension and enjoyment of a story will increase once she achieves reading fluency. Here are some ways Red Apple Reading recommends to model fluent reading for your child.

Help Your Child’s Developing Vocabulary

A rich vocabulary will serve your child well as she navigates through life. We often don’t realize the importance of a robust vocabulary. Although vocabulary acquisition may not always be in the forefront of our minds, we notice the effects in our kiddos when it is lagging or absent. If our children do not understand the words that they hear, speak, read and write, they will become ineffective communicators and struggle with many daily tasks. If you want to help your kid develop a rich vocabulary, check out these helpful tips from our team at Red Apple Reading!

10 Tips to Promote Literacy at Home

Did you know that September is National Literacy Month? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines literacy as, “the ability to read and write”. The definition may be simple, but the effects of being literate are huge! To a great extent, a person’s literacy determines how successful they will be as well as how easily they are able to navigate the details of everyday life. As parents we want our children to experience this type of success. How can we promote literacy in our homes? Red Apple Reading has some tips for how you can help nurture the growth of literacy in your little one!

Make Learning Fun at Home!

Everyone wants their kids to experience success in life. An important part of parenting is making sure that our little ones develop the skills necessary to be fully literate. You don’t have to have a teaching degree in order to help your kiddo learn. In fact, the primary way that young children learn is through play! Check out these ideas on how you can make learning fun at home

Phonemic Awareness: A Foundation for Reading

Red Apple Reading is committed to children’s literacy! Here we will explore the importance of phonemic awareness as a foundation for reading. You probably already understand the concept even if you don’t immediately recognize the name. Now for the definition: Phonemic awareness is the ability to understand how the spoken word is made up of individual units of sound, and how manipulating these sound units changes the meaning of words.

Gifts That Promote Literacy

Have you ever considered how precious the gift of literacy is? We often take the ability to read and write for granted; but many people will never experience the joy of getting lost in a good book. This holiday season celebrate the privilege of reading by giving gifts that promote literacy. Red Apple Reading has compiled a list of presents that are not only literary friendly but are also a lot of fun!