10 Must Read Children’s Books from 2014

2014 is behind us. Fortunately, the great books that made their debut in 2014 are still with us! We thought it would be fun to compile a list of some of the best books for kids that were released in 2014. It wasn’t easy – there were lots of great titles to choose from – but Red Apple Reading has chosen 10 must read children’s books of 2014!

Fun Fall Books - Red Apple Reading

Fun Fall Books

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather finally begins to cool down, the days get shorter, and the holiday season is right around the corner. There’s just something special about the season. Another one of my favorite things is a good book! This week Red Apple Reading is combining these two good things and bringing you a bushel load of fun fall books. You’re sure to find a book that you and your little one can enjoy together!

What’s New in Children’s Books

Has it been a while since you picked up a new book for your kiddo? While there is certainly nothing wrong with a good classic, sometimes it’s fun to explore recent publications. If you’re wondering what’s new and popular in the children’s book industry, then look no further! Red Apple Reading has been perusing the new releases in children’s books and there’s a lot of good material out there! Take a look at these 10 recently released books for kids – you’re sure to find a story that your child will fall in love with.

10 Great Mysteries for Kids - Red Apple Reading

10 Great Mysteries for Kids

Many of you probably have fond memories of reading Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Boxcar Children and Encyclopedia Brown when you were growing up. Red Apple Reading has a list of ten great mystery books that we think your kiddos will enjoy. There’s also an added bonus: many of these books are part of a series of mysteries!

Books That Honor Dad - Red Apple Reading

Books That Honor Dad

At Red Apple Reading, we think that the best way to observe a holiday is with a good book! Last month we offered up a list of 10 great children’s books about moms for Mother’s Day – and now it’s Dad’s turn! This Father’s Day make a memory and pick up one or more of these titles for the kiddos to read with dear old dad.

Books That Celebrate Mom | Red Apple Reading Express

Books That Celebrate Mom

Motherhood is a job that is both demanding and rewarding. I have found that most things that are worth doing are difficult – and this especially applies to motherhood! Mother’s Day is an opportunity to remember just how important and special our moms are to us. In honor of Mother’s Day, Red Apple Reading has found 10 enjoyable children’s books that celebrate Mom! These great reads will help kiddos remember that it is truly a privilege to have a mom in their life!

10 Earth Day Reads |Red Apple Reading

10 Earth Day Reads

This Earth Day head outside with your kiddos and enjoy the great outdoors together. While you’re at it, take a book and blanket with you and dive into an earth-friendly read. Red Apple Reading has 10 books for you and your children to enjoy together today or any day.

10 Perfect Reads for Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day sneaked up on us this year! While our federal government officially calls this American holiday “Washington’s Birthday”, it has come to be recognized as a time to pay tribute to both past and present Presidents. How is your family spending this holiday? Why not use the opportunity to share a related book with your kiddo? Red Apple Reading has 10 book recommendations for you and your youngster this Presidents’ Day.