10 Cool Chapter Books for Kiddos

Is your kiddo looking for a great new book to plunge into? Red Apple Reading has some cool chapter book suggestions for readers of all ages. Peruse this list of titles and get a few for gift giving, or head to your local library during winter break and pick up a book today!


Picture Books for Holiday Gift Giving

In the spirit of the holidays and giving gifts to your children that will make a difference in their lives, Red Apple Reading invites you to keep the celebration going by picking out some new books for your wee ones. Peruse the following list of newly released picture books and find a fresh title for your kiddos!


10 Great Bedtime Books

Like brushing teeth and putting on pajamas, reading should be included in your child‘s nighttime routine. After all, there is nothing quite like snuggling up together and opening a favorite book! If you’re looking for some titles that will help your kiddo have sweet dreams, Red Apple Reading has some bedtime book suggestions for you!

Where Has Polly Gone? Read and Learn Math Skills at the Same Time

I am unashamedly passionate about reading. I could list several reasons why reading is a crucial life skill. For instance, reading impacts success in other subjects. We like to separate history, science, language, and math into neat little categories; but really, so much of learning is interwoven. A great example of this interweaving of disciplines can be found in the new book, Where Has Polly Gone?

Books for Preschoolers

Even if your child doesn’t yet read, there’s no reason he still can’t enjoy a good book. Hopefully, you are already reading to your preschool child on a daily basis. If you are not, it is never too late to get started. Red Apple Reading has compiled a list of 10 books that your little one is sure to enjoy. So get ready to snuggle in with your preschooler and read a good book!

School-Themed Books

Best Back-to-School Reads

Are you looking for a way to inspire your kiddo to get excited about school? With summer drawing to an end, it’s time to look forward to the upcoming year. If your little one is less than thrilled about the start of a new school season, why not boost her morale with a fun, school-themed book? Red Apple Reading has 10 book suggestions that are not only fun reads, but will hopefully inspire your youngster to look forward to a brand new school year!

Sensational Summer Reads - RAR

Sensational Summer Reads

All of us at Red Apple Reading hope you and your family are having an amazing summer. There are so many wonderful things about summer vacation, and one of the best is: more time to read! In honor of this magnificent time of year, we would like to recommend some summer themed books for your kiddos. So, let’s explore some summer sensations!

Oh Say Can You Read? - Red Apple Reading Express

O Say Can You Read?

What are your plans for Independence day? Perhaps they revolve around spending time with family, barbecuing, or enjoying a restful day from work. This year, why not consider adding some patriotic themed books to your day? It is so important for our little ones to know why we celebrate this special day each year and sharing a book about our country together is the perfect way to do just that! Red Apple Reading would like to suggest some patriotic books to enjoy with your young reader.

Best New Children's Books (And Where to Find Them!) | Red Apple Reading Express

Best New Children’s Books (and Where to Find Them!)

There’s nothing like cracking open a new book! Walking into the public library and spotting a brand new book by one of my favorite authors really makes my day. If your kids are like mine, they feel the same way as well. Most of us probably have “classics” such as Little House on the PrairieCurious George, and The Hardy Boys in our home library. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with falling back on an oldie but goodie, there are several new children’s titles worth exploring. So, what are some of the great, new books available to children this year? I did a little research and found some new titles that are bound to bring a smile to your little one’s face!